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The Pink Cow is classic! Had an Expat Japan meetup there a year or so ago and it was all-to-wall cuties and they were flirty. Anyhow, if you covered all that distance walking, no wonder your feet are sore. Picking just one bar in Roppongi is not an easy task. It's easier to say where we should avoid. Best we bar-hop a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 This is just sheer, unmitigated filth!
Tomorrow is a holiday, so I'll be available to meet for some sort of festivities. Then, Friday night I'm under orders from Fashionista to bring my digital camera and get photos of us rolling -- and to wear my new velvet jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Can manton's name PLEASE be changed back? Yes. Please!
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt tonight's the night at midnight tonight, arrive tomorrow morning. Damn, that was quick. And I've barely recovered from this past weekend's hangover.
She's English, I'm New English.
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 Last night I got punched in the face 3 a girl. "picjed yo girks n got rejected, love it un si hasbdsine wiit!"
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I would like my name changed to "Pussycat's Boyfriend" please. Careful what you wish for.
Quote: Originally Posted by MAnton No, not really, I was $*%^&^ing with you, but I guess I don't care. I'm confoozed. Whose sock puppet are you?
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I rode the dumbo ride in disney today, in the rain. my daughters and I were the only riders. bunch of pussies, a little rain keep them from riding a plastic flying elephant? You seriously rock!
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