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Indeed. Was chatting with Fashionista for ages on an internet forum and didn't even realize who she was when I first met her. Love at first sight, in retrospect.
Yesterday the weather was nice for the first time since Matt arrived. We went to Yoyogi Park to check out the rockabilly guys, who are good entertainment. Matt got plenty of pics. Then we headed across town to meet Brian. The three of us chatted for a couple of hours over coffee at Dean & Deluca in Marunouchi, the blessed proximity of which saved us from the clutches of the ubiquitous Starbucks. After that, we took a stroll around the park outside the Imperial...
Then I'd say you've found yourself a keeper. Congrats.
Drama is the price of really great make-up sex.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Nantucket, kudos on your whole fucking gestalt. Cheers! That's a lot to live up to. Good thing I'm not prone to stage fright. Quote: Originally Posted by djrajio You guys went to the second floor Propoganda in Roppongi? Haha. Wow. It sure beats the living hell out of both Motowns and Gaspanic. Quote: Originally Posted by Bhowie Velvet blazer where did you get...
Quote: Originally Posted by Acéphale It gets gheyer than that. . . I have suggested they prance around in dandy kimonos (well yukatas) and bathe together here http://www.ooedoonsen.jp/higaeri/english/index.html to keep m@t warm, bless. Pics are essential IHOMO. As you also pointed out, teh rulez are pics or it never happened. No pics. And thanks for that suggestion. Yesterday was colder than witches tits; just above freezing with a...
Feeling fine. More incriminating photographic evidence. At Chinese Cafe 8. Given the theme of the decor, it should perhaps be named Chinese Cafe 69. Still relatively sober, we could not resist ravishing a clear plastic mannequin torso filled with wine corks. Was it good for you too?
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda I wanna see the fat chinese girl! This should hold you over till Ratboy posts his blurry photos.
The apostrophe on a Japanese keyboard is Shift-7. You'll be able to shower at my place, of course. And I've just been granted the afternoon off to hang.
Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn Ah, nantucket red, I just red your FNB review of the samurai line at ginza tailor. One fitting? I've had as many as three fittings, but each time there's a genuine issue with the fit. I don't waste their time over trivialities. Compared to the majority of people they deal with, I've got an oddly shaped body too. Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn sorry, that's not gonna cut it for me or...
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