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Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy m@t's week-long tokyo run didn't ruin it for you I hope. are you inclined to head further east, or go back to the west? The weekend I spent showing Matt around was a blast. (Now there's a career idea: charge people and arm and a leg to show them around Tokyo and drink them under the table! ) If going further east means the time difference of an hour, then yes, definitely. The problem is acquiring...
My birthday brunch with Her Blondeness, for which I shall be flying out two weeks hence.
My school photo 1968. My nose is skinned from trying to ride my bicycle over a basketball after getting up a head of steam.
Been saying the same thing for years (says a guy permanently hitched with a life-sized blonde he met in Tokyo).
Indeed. Done my time here and have got out of it what I needed. Nowhere to go from here except onward and upward (and out). Therein lies the riddle: Where to go next and how to optimize my skills (and which new ones to acquire) to no less than double what I'm making now . . . and at my age . . . ? (And thanks to Fashionista for the ant & grasshopper metaphor and for catalyzing my discontent by pointing out that I deserve better than what I'm doing.)
How many more of these threaks can SF bear before somebody breaks teh interwubs? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=166651 http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=166723
Grasshopper among ants needing to find my way out of the colony and fiddle merrily again.
Thanks for your concern, guys. I'm just expressing a general dissatisfaction with my life and the amount of work I need to do to change it. The silver lining is that facing it and doing something about it is the only way to grow. In other words, no pain, no gain. The part that is somewhat related to the avatar change is also the part that I trust will resolve itself the quickest. But it's composed of many interwoven strands (some today sporting a crimson Chanel logo).
Seeing neither exits nor any way forward at the moment.
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