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How many more of these threaks can SF bear before somebody breaks teh interwubs?
Grasshopper among ants needing to find my way out of the colony and fiddle merrily again.
Thanks for your concern, guys. I'm just expressing a general dissatisfaction with my life and the amount of work I need to do to change it. The silver lining is that facing it and doing something about it is the only way to grow. In other words, no pain, no gain. The part that is somewhat related to the avatar change is also the part that I trust will resolve itself the quickest. But it's composed of many interwoven strands (some today sporting a crimson Chanel logo).
Seeing neither exits nor any way forward at the moment.
And the word for the day is glabrous, which is how we like our ladies.
Oh, and Ratboy, good to see you're using that photo for your avatar. You should post the full version somewhere here. When I saw that yesterday I laughed till I cried!
Glad to know I wasn't wrong about the double-entendre of Seiko's name after all. Sounds like that rounded out your rolling in Tokyo quite nicely. Can't help but think the saga of the capsule hotel is going to be an anti-climax after your "energy-healing" experience.
Another photo of Matt up at the top of Tokyo Tower 250 meters above the sprawling metropolis. This was just prior to our evening out in Roppongi before a single drop of alcohol had been imbibed.
Good point!
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