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I've been drinking Chartreuse for well over 20 years, and always have a bottle of VEP vert in the liquor cabinet. I prefer to drink it straight.
Not my size either, unfortunately. But I feel obliged to post in this thread.
We always name houses & cars. On Nantucket, a house is traditionally named and the name is displayed on a carved, painted quarterboard.
I bet Slim is secretly lusting after an iPhone.
Learning to sail would top my list.
Quote: Originally Posted by ComboOrgan Figs. I ate them right from the tree once, but in stores I've only seen them dried They're available fresh in stores pretty commonly in Japan, but have only seen them a few times in America.
It's her money. Let her do with it whatever she wants.
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack siphon Is the word you are groping . . . errr . . .sucking for. It works by gravity.
Replaced trashed cell phone with an iPhone and Tokyo Slim didn't disown me!
The lime-green phone in my avatar is not the phone in question.
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