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2001 E320 4matic wagon, daily driver/rolling restoration.
Werner Herzog's Nosferatu.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter I am heading to Tokyo tomorrow for the afternoon. Hope the quakes abate by then. We go for a while without any and then a fairly strong one hits and lasts for a long time. This is stressful enough in Tokyo, but I've heard news reports about people who survived the quake and tsunami only to die of stress from all the aftershocks.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Sorry to hear you'll be leaving Nipponica, Red, but wishing you the best of luck in your next "chapter." I found Tokyo to be similar, honestly. I enjoyed visiting there once or twice a year for a weekend with friends, but the whole lifestyle there was really soul-sucking (as you said). Not to mention the extreme expense of everything. On the other hand, to those thinking of life in Japan, all of Japan is NOT...
Will finally be leaving my job and leaving Japan permanently at the end of June. The nuclear situation and resulting power shortage as well as shortages of essentials that range from mild to chronic have brought forward a move I was planning for later this year. Though I wasn't here for the big quake on March 11, the frequent aftershocks are nerve-wracking enough. Sometimes I don't know whether the nearly constant swaying and rocking I feel is just my imagination or an...
Her Blondeness and I had gone back to the States for a week to purchase a lovely house on the Maine waterfront. We spent our last night in NYC, and the first news we'd seen in a week was of the tsunami. We were supposed to be going home that evening but postponed till the following evening. We returned to a very quiet Tokyo. The numerous aftershocks and uncertain nuclear situation combined with a dearth of trustworthy information is taking its toll on everybody. It...
It's all about the iconic image by Korda.
The way I found out there was such a thing as Facebook Places was from several friends updating their statuses with detailed instructions on how to disable it. Unless somebody takes the trouble to explain to me what it is (and catches me sober and awake enough to pay attention), I'll never even know what the hell it is. But as with so much on Facebook, ignorance is bliss.
Quote: Originally Posted by horndog Creed Bois du Portugal. Put this on about 5 hours ago and it's settled into a rich, creamy woodsiness. The spice is gone but I don't care cause it still smells great. Overall an excellent frag, if not a bit TOO sophisticated for me at 25. But so is Vintage Tabarome and I wear that all the time. BdP = highly suggested for smelling like a cultured aristocrat. Quote: Originally Posted by...
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