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2001 E320 4matic wagon, daily driver/rolling restoration.
Werner Herzog's Nosferatu.
The way I found out there was such a thing as Facebook Places was from several friends updating their statuses with detailed instructions on how to disable it. Unless somebody takes the trouble to explain to me what it is (and catches me sober and awake enough to pay attention), I'll never even know what the hell it is. But as with so much on Facebook, ignorance is bliss.
Quote: Originally Posted by horndog Creed Bois du Portugal. Put this on about 5 hours ago and it's settled into a rich, creamy woodsiness. The spice is gone but I don't care cause it still smells great. Overall an excellent frag, if not a bit TOO sophisticated for me at 25. But so is Vintage Tabarome and I wear that all the time. BdP = highly suggested for smelling like a cultured aristocrat. Quote: Originally Posted by...
That article is very misleading. Just because McCurry was given the last roll cut from the last master roll Kodak produced doesn't mean the very last roll of Kodachrome ever shot has been shot. Dwayne's will be processing Kodachrome until December 31st, so there's still time to shoot it. The actual last roll of Kodachrome will be the last one processed. I've still got several months worth in my fridge and three cameras loaded with it, one of which I have with me at...
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt I don't even think he wanted advice, I think he just wanted bragging rights and then was surprised at the blowback. Yeah. He also seems to think it would be free of consequences. He may be very, very wrong about that.
Matt, we all know how much you love this ask-advice-and-then-ignore-it routine. Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy and I hope you reconsider about not posting an update... curious to know how this will end up. +1 We all love a good dose of schadenfreude!
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur But yeah, she is pretty awesome and more importantly, sex with her is mindblowing.. I just can't walk away, it's better than any drug. FIFY
6 hours is ideal for me. When I was younger, I could go a month or so on only 4 hours, but the older I get the tougher it is to sustain. 8 hours is too much and paradoxically leaves me feeling more tired. I always thought if I could get away without ever sleeping I never would, but as I've gotten older I consider it less of a waste of time.
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