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I have several pair of EG's shoes from about 5 years ago when they collaborated with RL and at the time I was stupid and didn't opt in for the shoetree's , does anyone have any advice if I just purchase some of the ones they have now if they should fit or do I need to contact them and share the exact last. Also, I know before anyone says it - it was stupid. Anyone on the fence , get the real shoe tree's.
You can video skype with the owner Myron or if you are in SF stop by his shop.
glaser has a sail cloth bag that is amazing and has an interesting look like this, it is a newer item. I am totally biased and love their bags.
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselman89 H. Freeman and Sons fabric? Or is that a shop in Atlanta? They make MTM suits for many tailors. If you get a good tailor that knows their stuff with that company then they can have additional features or construction details done that are not known or public. I ordered a batch of pants for travel from a decent vendor and the pants were excellent much better than anything I have gotten from Brooks in...
Under 1K , I would look at at H. Freeman and Son , through a good MTM shop. They have very different lines but if you find a place that knows their lines well they have a fully canvassed version that is better than almost anything Brooks makes now.
I like the O'Connell's ones in one size smaller , their construction and quality are pretty nice and having the side pockets is awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by VentsMcMahon Michael Vick paid his debt to society is again one of the NFL's best quarterbacks, perhaps better than before. I'm not sure Darren ever paid his debts, but it's time to bring this man out of exile and back to The Style Forum. An excellent post. Actually , no it is not. All it does is give a new generation an opportunity to pay for something they might never get.
Quote: Originally Posted by kitonotik I was little dismayed at the fact that they would not deal directly with me and sent me to the store where the coat was purchased, even if there was a chance the store no longer had any records of me buying the jacket. I'll report back on my findings, cost and end result. Thank again! Actually you really do want to go through a NM or other third party with Oxxford, having gone through them directly and...
Are you trying to do something like this : http://cgi.ebay.com/Oxxford-Blazer-J...ht_4068wt_1149 Check out the Bernini Made in Italy for an Oxxford Coat (Made in Chicago) that is as fishy as it gets with mixed tags
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Seeing as the bags are made to order, I'm interested to learn whether Glaser would take offense to a request not to include the stamped logo on the outside of the bag. I think a willingness to accomodate such a request would be a plus. The beauty of the bag should speak for itself, and may actually prompt people to ask about its provenance. Perhaps a different sort of marketing. When I asked them...
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