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"The assassin", because you'll look killer in it.
Wasn't there a pink (strawberry?) and a bone marrow color?
Can't edit anymore, but the bag is sold!
Can't edit anymore, but the bag is sold!
Dibs! edit: unless there was a shipping mixup and the XS is already accounted for.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro I will pulled some shirts out of inventory for some celebs Real celebs? Or SF celebs.
Quote: Originally Posted by gwydion Yes. Whoever took the last Grape in XS, please go fuck yourself. +1 signed, guy who took the last XS blue gingham
Pai/Mauro...I shot an e-mail to the gmail addy. Can someone get back to me before all the shirts are gone in my size?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro The Boo small chambray is sold out...sorry. The before and after dinner Ginghams are in as well as the Limited edition purple and Green dip dyes sun dries. The shirts a came out AWESOME!!!! They will be up for sale on Monday. Any locals who want them ...holla! Pics and measurements, por favor.
Just ordered chinos in roaster pan grey and espresso Re: WvG shirts...the thing I love most about these shirts (other than the slim arms and the kick-ass MoP buttons) is the large cuffs. These are the only button-down shirts where I can wear my big-ass Panerai comfortably under the cuff. BoO shirts fit me great, but I always have to wear them uncuffed b/c of my watch. Mauro, please don't change the cuff size in the new batch. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: