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This one isn't that vintage... but it's one of the cooler Hickey Freeman pieces that I've come across. Mother-of-pearl buttons, patch pockets, and a BOLD plaid make this something special. 44 XL.
Here's a stellar overcoat, even amongst so many vintage choices. It's dated 1960 and woven of true Donegal tweed!
Here's another Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren piece. It's a new old stock (still pinned) Chambray Shirt with neat Western detailing on the cuff. I've never seen this particular label.
Here's a relatively ancient Polo Ralph Lauren, done in a coarse tweed. Gun Club Check, patch pockets, 3/2 roll - even before the internet!
Brown flannel, truly buttery-soft and woven in an underrated hue. Chalkstripes make a good thing even better.
Wow, here's a 1940's(?)-era Tweed that's truly a relic. A myriad colors woven into a pale green background, anchoring a bright red windowpane. The "flecks" in the fabric are woven within, giving it a unique texture. It also has the typical-of-the-era 1/4 skeleton lining! The armholes are surprisingly high; it's a drape-cut 36 or slim 38. I can't recognize the Union tag, it doesn't appear to be ACWA.
That checked number would be much more palatable with slimmer lapels. I lol'd at your photo, Orgetorix. Summer may be fading in the US of A, but this jacket is still happenin'. A true patchwork, alternating panels of madras and chambray! It's even cut in a timeless Ivy/Trad fashion.
That suit from 1948 has transcended fashion; it still looks timeless!
This jacket defines "What the hell happened to them?" 100% silk with a nubby hand, tons of wicked cool details throughout. Full canvas, made in the USA! 38 Regular
My new favorite Polo shirt of all time. It clobbers Brioni, Loro Piana, and Zegna that I've come across. 100% Buttery Sea Island Cotton from the Golden Era of Brooks! Elegant saddle stitching and mother-of-pearl buttons make it even better. It's for sale this week...
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