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Dated 1958 triple patch pocket number, done in a nubby/fuzzy wool. Deep red with a sort of black windowpane.
That workwear stuff is incredible. The entire nation of Japan will be fighting over each piece.
Those Charvet shoes are beautiful, but that leather looks bone-dry. Feel free to condition them!
...would you?
Vintage Abercrombie & Fitch Gun Club Windowpane Tweed, a million-and-one details. Made in the USA, 40 R.
The ultimate "F-U" houndstooth coat by Aquascutum! Size 38 - 40ish.
INSANE Burberry Double Breasted Navy Blazer in an extra-large herringbone pattern. Crispy Wool/Poly blend and neat buttons. Slim 36 Short!
Wow, that fabric on that Geoffrey Beene looks great just from the photos. Here's a lovely summer raw silk tie; it explains itself.
Custom-cut Brooks Brothers from 1972. Lapels are still done in a reasonable width. The most notable aspect is the heavenly cloth, this jacket is done in a hearty calvary twill! 3/2 roll, sack, etc... 42 Short. Where's the HSM guy? This jacket is done in an incredible wool that feels and looks just like raw silk. Dig that action back! 46 Regular
Not too vintage, but still a great summer piece. Very lightweight cotton blend, almost feels like madras. Mother-of-pearl buttons and Made in the USA! 40 Long.
New Posts  All Forums: