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That suit from 1948 has transcended fashion; it still looks timeless!
This jacket defines "What the hell happened to them?" 100% silk with a nubby hand, tons of wicked cool details throughout. Full canvas, made in the USA! 38 Regular
My new favorite Polo shirt of all time. It clobbers Brioni, Loro Piana, and Zegna that I've come across. 100% Buttery Sea Island Cotton from the Golden Era of Brooks! Elegant saddle stitching and mother-of-pearl buttons make it even better. It's for sale this week...
Dated 1958 triple patch pocket number, done in a nubby/fuzzy wool. Deep red with a sort of black windowpane.
That workwear stuff is incredible. The entire nation of Japan will be fighting over each piece.
Those Charvet shoes are beautiful, but that leather looks bone-dry. Feel free to condition them!
...would you?
Vintage Abercrombie & Fitch Gun Club Windowpane Tweed, a million-and-one details. Made in the USA, 40 R.
The ultimate "F-U" houndstooth coat by Aquascutum! Size 38 - 40ish.
INSANE Burberry Double Breasted Navy Blazer in an extra-large herringbone pattern. Crispy Wool/Poly blend and neat buttons. Slim 36 Short!
New Posts  All Forums: