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Quote: Originally Posted by apt Some interesting responses. I live in Ontario, Canada and although I'm sure there are no actual Jack & Jones retailers in my province a Canadian store called "Winners" gets a few things here and there and like I said, sells for cheap, so I figured I'd inquire. Anyone have any personal experience with their denim? Their look appeals to my taste. Apparently, J&J is sold at The Bay too. I'm assuming there is...
Ok thanks for the reply everyone. I'll look out for some better ones then.
Any thoughts on the Gap's selvage jeans? I've been thinking of trying raw denim/selvage. They don't have my waist size(29W) so I was wondering if they shrink. Here's a link if anyone's interested:
Does anyone know what brand of jeans has this pocket? Sorry for the bad illustration.
What's a good price for Clark DB's? I looked at my local shop and they have prices ranging from $120 to $160 depending on the colour. They also have a pair on sale for around $80 but it's not really the colour I was looking for. Is $120-$160 overpriced? I see ~$95 on Zappos. I've also looked at the ones at Banana and right now they have their 'Sahara' boot on sale for $70. I don't like how the Sahara looks though despite the similarities between that and the DB.
Can someone post pictures of them wearing some of the shoes posted above with jeans?
Wow didn't know there were so many Vancouver people on SF. This thread is really awsome.
Yeah I have that problem too. When its not summer, I can get away with wearing a cardigan over it.
Quote: Originally Posted by ethirtynine + +1. I remove the pocket before I wash it. For $15-25 on sale, they're pretty good (except the striped patterns). They fit me right (xs vintage fit) and with the logo gone, no one knows its American Eagle. If you remove the pocket, won't it leave a mark where the pocket was previously? It's hard to find shirts without pockets.
Ok thanks for the advice. So pocket makes it too formal? What aboiut the vertical stripes and the colour? Right now, I'm just worried the outline of whatever you're wearing under will show. How about the length and the fit of the shirt?
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