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Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Funny, it looks like you've made that same mistake around 323 times. It looks like you make the same mistake 9,365 more times so I wouldn't be taking.
I'm resorting to posting here and it sucks. Wayne better get everything together and get everything back online.
All I want to do is check on the status of the pass around book and every time I do, the place is down. Wayne should just start charging for new accounts, this way he can hire a team of people to keep an eye on the servers.
Blah damn the new user and lurkers to hell. I think that we should limit the amount of views of the lurkers per day. That would fix the problem, also isn't it time to close the open reg again?
Yeah, it's down for me too. That's what they get for opening the reg and also for all these blogs posting direct links to the boards. It sucks because all I'm trying to do is check on how the status of the passaround book is coming along.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cotton Duck btw: what's up with allllll those people on the Sufu facebookgroup that I've never even seen or heard about? That's scary... I think that most of them are noobs who think it's cool to join.
Is SUFU down for anyone else? I just wanted to check out some post and it seems to be down.
I just noticed that they got rid of the blocks and went back to the bar for rep. I wanted to check out mine and the entire thing went down. Damn noobs.
My father told me to check this out today. I found it pretty funny.
I think that some of the guys over of SUFU said that the Flagship store in NYC is now carrying them.
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