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Sorry. The machine has been sold to a local buyer a couple of month ago as I already mentioned above. There are a couple listed on ebay.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Is there a preview link for this thread? - B Yes, but some of the replies will be Photochopped to protect the poster's modesty.
Quote: Originally Posted by pscolari Any recs on AVR receivers at the 1000 mark that can power the MAs that I should think about? Congrats on new speakers. Maybe look at the Pioneer Elite SC-05, which is their least expensive model that uses ICEpower amp. I don't have any personal experience with it though.
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 . Wife doesn't even realize that I added it ... I guessed right.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc What's the deal with resolutions? Obviously 1080P gets you the most pixels and has you ready for 1080p games and bluray but what if I don't watch bluray or own a system that can do 1080p? I know that some of the networks broadcast 720P while others do 1080i. When I download TV shows, they come in with 720 lines (and I watch most TV this way). If I am going for a mid-sized set (32 or 37"), is it better to go 1080p and...
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 A Magellan VIP su subwoofer: http://www.tbisound.com/dsp_products_subwmagvipsu.asp Interesting sub. Does it have a single 6.5" driver? Did you choose it because of high WAF factor? Looks like you are upgrading fast.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Anyway, the best plasma screen in the world doesn't look as good as a DLP (either front or rear projected) in the dark. I think you are mistaken. Or at the least, only stating your opinion as opposed to a widely accepted one. Most professional reviewers and A/V magazine writers, maybe even our own GQGeek, consider a calibrated Pioneer plasma the best display ever made at least in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel So just to close off my saga. Wife got a flat tire on Friday, took the car today and figured I'd get 5 new tires and see if the shaking would go away. The spare (the flat my wife got) was actually bent/cracked. Do not know if it was like that prior to her getting the flat, but I would assume the dealer would have noticed it when I took the car to get balanced. The good news is that the car is running smoothly now...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto That's dead technology. Buy cheap, and wait for the OLED's. No. It's the current technology. In case of plasma, it's current, mature technology. You get the benefit of several generations of gradual improvements at a reasonable price point. Large screen OLEDs have been vapor-ware for a few years now. If, according to the article you linked to, 40" OLEDs will be released in 2012, they are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Was at J&R in lower Manhattan today and their classical music department is terrific! Yes. Probably the best in the city. The prices are pretty good too as they usually have a couple of labels on sale.
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