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Quote: Originally Posted by GuP I am in the market for a new car and need some input from you gentleman. I live in the ny/nj area and commute around 50 miles daily. Don’t have to get it right now – can wait a few months. Initially, due to the snowy winters, I was looking specifically for an all-wheel drive car and Audi A5 seemed to fit the bill. However, a friend of mine told me dire stories about his A4 and it changed my outlook. The new Porsche...
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I don't like the last two. They remind me of the Royal Oak and the dial is just bleh.. The original Patek Nautilus and the Royal Oak were both designed by the same guy - Gerald Genta.
Quote: Originally Posted by pauliodotnet yes, that's how I lowered it. 1" all around via the computer. VAG-COM ftw .
Le Labo Vetiver 46. Goes great with the beautiful weather we had for the past couple of days.
I think all the parts (roof basket, wheels, etc.) look good together thematically. Don't see many V10 TDI Touaregs around. Does yours have the air suspension?
NYC car insurance is very expensive. Leased or financed car will require a comprehensive/full collision coverage in addition to liability. Figure at least $1200 a year with perfect driving record, prior insurance history, over 25, etc. A lease for a new 328i will run around $450+ That's with no down payment and not including taxes, which are charged on the total of lease payments and can be paid upfront or spread into monthly payments. There will also be lease...
Quote: Originally Posted by BestStyle Have u guys tried this........its one of the best scent...... If you are trying to mimic HWS you are not doing a very good job.
A couple of other contenders for you: Acura TL SH-AWD and VW CC VR6 4motion. I owned both A4 quattro and 3-series and would buy either again. The current A4 is a little larger than the 3-series. I think imageWIS was unhappy with his A4 because he had the FWD model . FWIW, Car and Driver did a comparison between A4/328i/TL?G37 not that long ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by Opermann I grabbed a 500M and could not be happier. It is a stunning display. Unless you're willing to wait for OLED to mature in 4 years, I highly recommend picking up one of the few remaining Pioneer plasmas. Some Best Buy Magnolia stores have the 50" 101FD Elite monitor in stock. If you need the additional size, the 60" models are the 6020, 111FD and 151FD. These are harder to find. Pro-111FD is actually a 50"...
Sorry. The machine has been sold to a local buyer a couple of month ago as I already mentioned above. There are a couple listed on ebay.
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