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Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 Nothing quite so exciting on my end, I`m afraid: ordered two Sauder Narrow 5-Shelf Bookcases to deal with my wife`s horror at the new Home Theatre I set up in our family room. I guess she discovered the subwoofer.
Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun where do you live? 36 waist is fucking gigantic. they always have surpluses of those in nyc... i want my 36S and 6.5 shoes ...but most designers don't even make a EU38.5... life is hard Hobbits shouldn't really be throwing stones. Some members here have cats who are bigger than you. These cats could probably kick your ass too.
According to your Original System Configuration page your wireless adapter is: "Card (circuit), Wireless, Half Mini-card, DW1397, 4312BG" . Which means you need to download and install this driver for your wireless adapter to work. Driver
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I would be careful about taking advice from self identified knife geeks.... Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I also like Mac knives. I recently bought one I couldn't resist. I'm thinking of getting more. I think you're turning into a knife geek.
Great choice on the S4. Do share the pics when it comes in. Mrs. Dmax will need a new daily driver in a couple of month and I'm trying to get her into the S4. Audi lease support is not that great though and to lease one will cost at least $120 more per month than a comparable 335xi.
Quote: Originally Posted by blofeld yes, what's more incredible than the awe inspiring power of the 211HP GTI engine in a 4000 pound 'sports coupe' Wrong. 2010 GTI uses the older design 2.0T engine which makes 200HP and 207lbs. The Audi A4/A5 uses a new 2.0T mill with variable valve timing making 211HP and 258lbs of torque which is available at just 1500rpm. That's more torque than Audi's 3.2 V6 can muster. The A5 2.0T also weights...
Buy some caulk from a hardware store and apply it where your floor meets the baseboards or the side walls of the bedroom sealing any cracks. You can also buy some foam plates to install behind your electrical switches and sockets to prevent any smoke from getting in through there.
Quote: Originally Posted by j Permit? I don't know of any state where you need a permit just to shoot someone else's guns. You do in NY unfortunately. You can't even handle a handgun inside a gun store without a permit. CT seems more fuzzy on this. Some CT ranges require a permit to shoot handguns while others may not care.
Quote: Originally Posted by ama I have this: Love it. I have this Misono and it's great. I also have a bunch of other paring knives, including Henckels 5-star, Wusthoff Culinaire, Shun Classic and others. The Misono is a favorite. That said, the Forschner/Victorinox can't be beat for the money. I got one for my mom, after realizing that my father couldn't resist sticking japanese...
Quote: Originally Posted by GuP What do you guys think about the new MB E350s/E500s coupes? They look decent or no? They look pretty good, IMHO. They are new so reliability is unknown, though the drivetrain - engine and transmission, have been around for a few years and are well regarded. The MB coupes are rear wheel drive though. Not sure if they plan on making the 4matic versions any time soon. While the E350 V6 coupe is under $50K,...
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