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Quote: Originally Posted by adambparker No, I'm starting from scratch, want something with an AM/FM tuner and am working within a pretty tight budget. Seems like a tuner is the best bet, even if the quality won't be quite as good for the price v. separate receiver/tuner. Since Saturday Morning Audio carries NAD you may want to check if they have any used NAD stereo receivers like a C720BEE or C725BEE. I haven't personally owned one but they...
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg ...and the 1 series hatch, 335d, and on and on and on. You guys get all the cool shit. You can buy the 335d in the States. I wish the A4 allroad was available here with a manual or if slushbox only with a 3.0TDI engine.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y ................. --Andre It sounds like you're having a case of the .
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 ahem.... the brain-dead moron didn't even bother getting a new photobucket account. I called it first in this threak. \t\tSeptember 17th, 2009, 04:26 PM \t \t\t Quote: Originally Posted by Dmax Is dkzzzz back?
Quote: Originally Posted by adambparker So I went over to Saturday Audio and they had a range of both new and used stuff. At this point I'm just looking for a tuner, two speakers and maybe a CD player, although I can just use my DVD player for that right now, unless that's a major no-no (it's a cheap Toshiba SD-6100 upscaling to 1080p). Do you already have a receiver and just looking for a separate AM/FM tuner?
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 finally getting myself a car and want something small and fast and reasonable. any better suggestions? Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 need teh german There is nothing else German and brand new in that price range that fits you criteria. If you're OK with pre-owned a Porsche Boxster is worth a look provided you don't need a back seat. If you're not allergic to hood...
Quote: Originally Posted by per0 If you like GTI, take a look at Audi S3. It's more expensive but better than GTI in every way. Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjustinparr No. A whole $10k for a douchebag badge? Thread should read "GTI". No other suggestions. I would also avoid the leather. Did a S3 driver run you off the road? That would have been something given that S3 is not sold in US or Canada and I thought...
Congrats. Looks like you got a great deal, getting the car at invoice or very close to it. You may already know this - you can take the NYS defensive driving class on-line. I've been meaning to do so myself for a while now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lizard23 Bump (Update): Thanks for all the replies. I was able to lease an Audi A4, nicely equipped for $505/month with insurance cost factored in. Good choice. Did that deal require a down payment? I guess you got the Premium trim Quattro with Tiptronic and heated seats? That's the model dealers like to push here.
I had RWD cars with all season tires not even be able to get out of the driveway/parking spots when some snow is on the ground. I also see plenty of RWD cars, as well as FWD drivers taking a turn too fast, fishtail every few hundred yards when some snow is on the ground. If you get more then a few snow days in a year, you and especially your significant other would certainly appreciate the added confidence AWD offers in the snow.
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