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Quote: Originally Posted by norcaltransplant No. Just local bike rides on the weekends. I had the single speed but it wasnt sufficient for biking up hills. Why did you go with a folding bike instead of a road bike/hybrid?
Quote: Originally Posted by norcaltransplant Insert Dahon folding bike here x2 Nice. Do you guys plan to commute on these?
Check out www.monoprice.com If they have something that will work for your brand/bolt pattern/size/weight TV it will be your least expensive but decent quality mounting option.
I thought SF had "no kill" city shelters, at least as far as dogs and cats are concerned. Has that changed or do they not get enough donations to sustain the shelters?
Nice looking bike. How many do you ride?
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan In my experience, every laptop is doomed to die a similar death, and there is rarely a good technical explanation for it. My Thinkpad of three years had a similar problem to the OP's: it would shutdown by itself, regardless of the charge on the battery, sooner and sooner, even when plugged in. Eventually, I could only keep it on for 15-20 minutes at a time. Lenovo could never figure it out. They swapped out both the...
Quote: Originally Posted by nbmplano I found a pair of Bally "Ballinger" cap toes at Nordstrom for ~$220 on one of the sales racks. I have another pair of Ballys that I bough a year or so ago that I love, but this was before running in to SF and learning about all the other quality offerings out there. My question is how is the quality on the newer Bally products (not the Scribe line, just the regular line?) Are these shoes at $220 worth it, or should I...
I think the Geek got it right. Most speech from a multichannel soundtrack is sent to the center channel speaker which is absent in your setup. The "D/ST" button on the Denon remote switches between Direct and Stereo modes. The Stereo mode downmixes everything into two channels which is what you want with just two speakers. You can also run initial setup on your receiver to tell it you only have two speakers, so it always downmixies mutlichannel signals (mostly...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manny Calavera My twenty-year-old cat died today. He was my buddy. Sorry about your friend.
Were you sure the noise coming from a hard drive or could it be a fan? If the laptop gets hot it will blast the internal fan which can get pretty noisy. If you sure it's the hard drive, the activity could be caused by Windows search doing some indexing, Windows Update downloading updates in the background or similar. You can try downloading Process Explorer to help you try to pin-point what it is. Defragmenting also helps to minimize read-write activity if that's...
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