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Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon Leasing. Downpayment is a gift and I'll be making the lease payments. Things may be different in Canada, but in US there is usually no financial benefit to put a down payment on a lease unless there a specific manufacturer sponsored promotion that requires one. In some states in US BMW allows you to put down multiple security deposits to lower your lease interest rate (aka "the money factor"). ...
You can also look at the 2010 Audi S4. The base model is about $46K in US, not sure what the MSRP in Canada is. Are you thinking of leasing or buying?
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Quick shot of the malt whisky Ridel glasses: Great glasses. I use mine for cognac but they are excellent for anything 30%+ because the design help alcohol vapors dissipate and lets you concentrate on other, more pleasant aromas in the glass.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Would you really advise someone to get a Santoku? That just strikes me so.... Food Network-ey. What's wrong with Santokus? Do they promote them a lot there? I don't really watch TV much. I'm suggesting a Santoku as an option. It all comes down to personal preferences, what size knife you are comfortable using and how large your cutting board is. Santokus mostly come in shorter sizes so if the standard...
270mm may be too big for a first "better" chef's knife. I would look at 210mm Gyutou or a smaller Santoku. Sight unseen, the Tojiro DP ($68 at Korin for 210mm) and Togiharu molybdenum ($59 at Korin for 210mm) are solid entry level Japanese chef knife choices. If you have to see it in person, outside of NYC and San Francisco, you may be limited to Shun. The Shun Classic 8" chef's is $120 at W-S and is a very good knife. You also get Shun's excellent support and free...
Quote: Originally Posted by bcx Can anyone suggest any good stores in Manhattan to buy gifts for babies or toddlers? Clothes, toys, anything. I suggested Space Kiddets before to another member last year and he bought a gift there. They have a store on 22nd street that sells mostly clothing and another a block away on 21st for toys. Giggle is a good store also. They have a location in Soho and another on UES.
Mine are probably chestnut since I purchased them at one of the Bexley stores back when only one shade of brown was available and the other color is listed as Internet exclusive. I am not sure how pure latex differs from regular black rubber but the quality of the sole is pretty good. The sole design seems to be a copy of the Ridgeway design made by Dainite of UK. I'll have to check on the sizing later when I get home.
Quote: Originally Posted by HitMan009 Yes, a true statement! But if anyone is to invest in a japanese knife, one should definitely consider learning some sharpening skills. I tell you, there is such a calming quality to sharpening a knife. I find it to be such a great stress relief. You don't have to tell me. Besides my own, I have to sharpen all of my friends' and family's knives. It's not too much work since I selected and bought their...
Quote: Originally Posted by HitMan009 Here is my take.... I mostly agree with you but very few people finish their edges to finer than 1000 grit equivalent and for everyone else a ceramic rod makes for an improvement over the standard "medium" grooved steel.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ace Rimmer 3. If the above does not work then you may want to send it to a data recovery service. Note that some of them are VERY expensive, so determine ahead of time whether it is worth your money. ^ This. A $1000 data recovery fee is not that uncommon.
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