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Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt WTF is a colour? The color is black. Yes, of course. We both grew up driving manual. Awesome. Mrs. Dmax drives stick though she hates stopping for a stop sign just before the top a hill. She's been driving stick for 10 years though I don't know if she would be able to handle some of the more hilly parts of SF .
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt 2.0 manual. Congrats. Kudos on the choice of the manual. Can the Mrs. drive stick also?
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Bezzera BZ07 PM. I'm officially a coffee snob. Look great! Congrats. Which grinder did you pair it with?
If you want a set with a fork the Shun Classic set looks nice ($240 on Amazon or Williamns Sonoma). If you just want a knife take a look at some longer slimmer Gyuotos or Sujihikis on Japanesechefsknife.com or other sites that sell Japanese knives. The Shun Elite slicer looks very good as well (about $215). The Epicurian Edge has this nice Yoshikane Gyuto which should work as a carvier/slicer as well:
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Hmmm, I'll pare back the throat-clearing and jump in. My main stone is sold under the King or IceBear brand names, and is a combination stone 1000 grit on one side, 6000 grit on the other. It's quite inexpensive and cuts well enough. . Excellent poast Thomas. I have been using the same King combination stone for about 3 years and don't have anything bad to say about it. Quote: Originally...
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 Thanks for the tips, though my fat-ass recliner should probably take care of any potential kinks ... The room is a double-garage convert (by previous owners) so it is pretty big -- getting far from the TV shouldn't be too difficult. Congrats on the HDTV. I agree with Piobare that you shouldn't hang it to high though it depends on your viewing distance. THX recommends 5.5ft viewing distance for your size...
Quote: Originally Posted by djrajio Doesn't appear to be high definition and its only 32 inches. I would consider 40-42 inches and HD at a minimum nowadays for a new TV. Technically it is High Definition (1366x768 resolution aka 720p) just not 1080p (1920x1080). The TV will scale any signal it receives, including 1080p to its native resolution. The price seems very good though I have no opinion on picture quality. I would also look at...
Dogfish head Palo Santo Marron
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman The very sharp-eyed might realize that one of those bottles is far more than it really seems. Looks like someone snagged a bottle of old formula Campari .
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 Anything's possible but I've owned many Canali shoes and have never seen them use Cordovan in at least the last five years. I've looked at these in person and they appear to be shell. I would have picked up a pair if they were sleeker. I too have never seen Canali in shell before, and I own 6 pairs from this maker. The Canali shoes I've seen lately seem very different from each other in styling and...
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