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Quote: Originally Posted by A Y Have you listened to them? As already mentioned, the port and dipole precludes near-wall placement. --Andre Not yet, though I plan to. Just read the manual for these on M-L's website and they recommend positioning the speakers at least 2 feet from side walls and 2-3 feet from the back wall. Looks like these speakers may not work for me since I can only do 1 foot from each wall.
I think the problem in Toyota's case isn't just the floor mats catching the gas pedal but also that the pedal would fail to spring back to idle position properly or even get stuck in the "I'm gonna pass this sucka" position" . Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Audis have a little circular plastic catch at the four corners of the floor mats that prevent this from happening; ingenious system really. Great system actually. I fondly remember...
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek ^^ Hope she's willing to accept that the speakers be placed well out from the walls and not crammed in there somewhere. At least a foot from each wall. You think they need more space due to rear porting? These will be used for mostly home theater. I like the look of some Sonus Farber models but Mrs. Dmax prefers the "airy" and "not a rectangular box" design of the M-Ls. At least I don't have to get...
Anyone has experience with Martin Logan Source or what appears to be their powered cousin the Purity? I'm considering upgrading from Ascend 340 to something better and more attractive. Since these are going in the living room, Mrs. Dmax has an input on what the new speakers will look like and she likes the aesthetics of these. FWIW, if I had to choose without her input, I would seriously consider Salk Song towers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Is the Q7 the bigger SUV? If so, I remember looking at it on the Audi site and thinking it was way underpowered. The Q7 is the larger one. It comes with 3.6 V6 and 4.2 V8. The V8 does 0-60 in about 7 seconds and felt OK for such a large SUV when I test drove one a couple of years ago. Haven't drove the 3.6 version. Most Audi dealerships are trying to push the fully loaded 3.6 Premium versions now...
Rattle and Hum Bar, NYC. They were served from casks. I hope they get them again. There is even a picture of them in Gotham Imbiber so you can see I' m not making this up. That's the owner, Patrick with one of the waitresses. http://www.gotham-imbiber.com/rattlenhum.pdf
As John mentioned, fragrances don't like heat and light. Between myself and Mrs. Dmax we have a substantial collection so for we are using the top half of a wine fridge like this. I keep the temperature around 52f or so.
Quote: Originally Posted by ama Lots of beer: . Very excited to try the Ola Dubh, its a beer matured in Highland Park 18 casks. Ola Dubh is awesome. I had the chance to try 12, 18 ,30 and 40 on tap and they were all great but distinctively different.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon What is the ultimate western knife for carving? I would like to have a nice knife for carving holiday meals. The answer depends on your definition of "Ultimate". If cost is not a priority you should look at a custom made knife from one of the makers who specialize in kitchen knives like: Thomas Haslinger, Murray Carter or Bob Kramer. Here is Haslinger carving set offered by The Epicurean Edge ($975) as an...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt WTF is a colour? The color is black. Yes, of course. We both grew up driving manual. Awesome. Mrs. Dmax drives stick though she hates stopping for a stop sign just before the top a hill. She's been driving stick for 10 years though I don't know if she would be able to handle some of the more hilly parts of SF .
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