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Overall it looks good. But it seems as if your pants and sleeves could be shortened a little. But again, it could just be the picture.
hard to tell, but looks like the brooks brothers logo to me.
here is another fun menswear world in German: MANSCHETTENKNÖPFE Now guess what that means.
Bolo Tie maybe??? Or are those just worn in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas,...???
from looking at the tie it doesn't look like a 5 of 7-fold tie. It looks like a very basic/normal construction. Personally I think $100 is too much for this tie, but then again, I would have to see, feel, and tie it. Besides the price, I do like the tie. How wide is it? Looks like 3" to me.
Is this better?
I am from Germany and have been joking with my employees that German is the most beautiful language. They worked hard to prove me wrong today and they created this... I thought you guys would appreciate it as much as I did. What's funny, I actually design/manufacture ties... image source via Bows-N-Ties
Agreed!Also, how wide are the lapels on the jacket? If narrow then opt for a narrower tie.
Not a problem in terms of pattern. But I would suggest adding slightly more contrast (light and dark color) from shirt to suit. Typically you want to combine patterns that are different in scale. This is the case in your outfit b/c the checks are much larger in scale than the stripes. Your co-worker is wrong!
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