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Hi guys, looking for guidance on building my trip out in Japan. I'll be going for 14 days, 5 in Tokyo, 5 in Kyoto and haven't figured out the other four days yet. Are there any reasonably priced stores that I must go to both for clothes or other cool things (e.g. pens, bags, shoes, cookware, home goods, etc.). It would also be cool to hear if there are any cheap restaurants, places to get street food or any other cool things I haven't mentioned but should be...
It's P99904
Yes, the picture is pretty true to color. It is, however, a two-piece.
This is a sample 40R from the Napoli line, the jacket is true to size but the length trousers have already been tailored. I'm happy to take measurements if there is any interest. The suit is new with tags.
Hey guys, anyone looking to unload any suits? I'm looking for a 40R Suitsupply suit. I'm pretty open in terms of color, just looking to build up my suit collection after gaining a few pounds.
Was this ever resolved?
Just seeing this Phil, but thanks. I am in New York and I'll stop by the show room.
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