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Gentlemen, Time is flowing by and suddenly I felt like sharing my latest work with you. Please, feel free to ask questions regarding these specific styles in general, or about my work especially. You may also want to visit my website at: Regards Jan P. Myhre Uploaded with
Thank you for the compliments Guys, It is my clients shoes, of course, not mine! Anybody out there with really old and well maintained shoes? Until next time
Hello Guys, Enclosed you will see two different pairs, which both are ten years old this month. The are worn as recommended and not more often than three times pr week. The Derby with Norwegian apron is just brushed up with wax, the Oxford pair is totally resoled by hand on the last they were made. They appear now as new, or even better - the uppers are well broken in. The Derby style is made with Freudenberg Calf and the Oxford with Italian Baby Calf. The resoled Oxford...
Dear Sir, I believe whatever shoes you buy, it is how they look, behave on the foot until your first repair (read 2 years), which is really important. Is the finish the same, does it last, how about the leather, does it stretch, it should of course, but how much etc. I am glad you are happy with your shoes, I hope you can return in two years and post a series of new pictures with the same smile on your face? All the best and happy walking!
Gentlemen, It is possible to follow me on Facebook! Uploaded with
Guys, Calm down Gentlemen, there is a lot of misunderstanding here. Who says it is silicon in the Kiwi at all? Mink Oil has silicon in it. Anyone can try to treat their boots with that stuff and I guarantee you that you will never get a shine – at all. The principle behind polishing and waxes are; the higher wax content the higher shine. Normally, Carnaubau wax, or Palm wax is the best known raw material in this setting. All known polishes like this hardly penetrates the...
Gentlemen, Here is two other styles, rather flashy, but classic after all. Previously, some one made a comment about the banana shape on the Ostrich pair. That is the whole point with Bespoke, the lastmaker makes the last according to the shape of the foot. Until next time Uploaded with Uploaded with
Hi Guys, The Double Buckled Monks are made in a thin Italian Calf Leather, with a little loose pigmentation, which means it gets slightly transparent over time. Not as durable compared to standard chrome, but beautiful.
Hi Frank, No, that is true! I have been abscent for quite some time now, but you know, life is like waves... How about this style for the summer. It is made as a Bespoke shoe obviously, but the style is classic... Uploaded with
Hi Guys, Try Until next time
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