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Cool, forgot about this. Anything to report back from anyone who has been. What are prices like?
Consolidated here: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=206177 1A) Brand new in box. Alden Shell Cordovan full-strap loafer. 684 model. #8 color. Size is US9.5C. Aberdeen last. A slight bit of minor shopwear on these but minimal. SOLD includes CONUS shipping (sorry, trees not...
Amazing story, congrats! My wife has 5 weeks left before her due date, I will be sure to force her to the car at the first sign of labor!
price drops!
Quote: Originally Posted by TonyThe Tailor Why not just buy an Isaia? I do have some Isaia's, but it's tough to handle the $3k + or more price tag for exactly what I want
Quote: Originally Posted by theyare 35 $30, going to goodwill this weekend if nobody wants them
Thanks for the feedback guys!
anyone? placing an order shortly so any input would be great
Does unstructured shoulders/chest mean no canvassing throughout or are they unrelated? What exactly is it that gives Isaia and the like that soft unstructured feel throughout the jacket? Trying to explain to my HK tailor how to make adjustments.
Quote: Originally Posted by ardvark123 I just dropped off two suits and a jacket at peppino's. Hemming the pants, getting the sleeves taken in and adding working button holes on the suits. Also taking in the sleeves on the jacket. All of the jackets will be taken up at the shoulder (gulp!). I have a bit of sticker shock as the tab came out to $450. Is this reasonable? Never been to Peppinos but sounds similar to what I would expect from...
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