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Pleasure communicating and doing businesss with apropos!
Welland maybe?
All are slim fit, flat front with split curtain waistbands. All prices include CONUS shipping. Wool pairs are $95, cotton pairs are $50. Canada: Add $20 for shipping (up to 3 pairs). Other international: Add $30 for shipping (up to 3 pairs). REGULAR way (not personal) paypal only please! 4)SOLD 34US\t50EU\t95% wool / 5% elastin\tHeather grey\tW: 17\tR: 10.25\tT: 11\tK: 9.25\tI: 36\tLO:...
SOLD THANK YOU!!! Ralph Lauren Black Label 98% wool / 2% cashmere suit. Cashmere adds the perfect bit of softness/nap. Charcoal with faint texture due to the weave, this is NOT a striped suit. I bought new here on the forum a few months back. I made no alterations to the jacket and only had the pants waist let out 1/2" and hemmed with 2" cuffs. I wore the suit only twice and have determined the RLBL cut/silhouette is not for me. It is in absolute pristine...
Final drops on the cotton pairs - $50 shipped US. Pants will no longer be available this afternoon
Anyone know of a place in midtown that would be good with reducing shoulder padding?
DROPS ******If anyone mistakenly received pair #27 instead of their correct pair please contact me!
Fantastic watch. I might be interested in the extra strap if you are willing to sell separately.
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