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Alfred Sargent boots for Neiman Marcus Marked Size 9.5D (US). Fit is a bit on the narrow side. Probably a true 9.25 Brown Suede, Dainite soles, speed hooks Tagged as "Neiman Marcus" brand. Made in England Boots are in excellent condition - suede has great nap, virtually no wear on soles
Allen Edmonds Malvern Grain Chukkas - $185 after discount at allenedmonds.com http://www.allenedmonds.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/producti_SF9181_1_40000000001_-1
This sportscoat is just plain amazing. Gutted i have sell it, but I have grown out of it. Paul Stuart Phineas Cole Cashmere Cloud Loro Piana fabric. British tan. Made in Italy. 93% cashmere / 7% silk, Double vents, 2 button stance, 1/4 lined. Patch pockets. Working button holes. Size US38 (EU48) Chest: 20 Shoulders: 18 Sleeves: 25 (working button cuffs) Waist: 18" Length BOC: 30"
Brand new with tags Brunello Cucinelli Sportscoat / Blazer. Brown-grayish with very subtle windowpane plaid 70% wool/ 20% cashmere/ 10% silk, Double vents, 3 roll 2 button stance, 1/4 lined. Size EU50 = US40 Chest: 21 Shoulders: 18.5 Sleeves: 25.5 Waist: 19" Length BOC: 29.75"
Brand new with tags Brunello Cucinelli Sportscoat / Blazer 100% wool, Double vents, 3 roll 2 button stance, 1/4 lined. Size EU48 = US38 Chest: 20.75 Shoulders: 18.25 Sleeves: 25.25 Waist: 19" Length BOC: 29.75"
Great value here. Sad to get rid of them just need to clear out the closet. Brand new Poulsen & Skone shoes. Pretty sure these are made by Crockett & Jones. Beautiful medium brown suede. Sturdy vibram soles. Split toe/norweger blucher style. Size UK9.5/US 10. Fit pretty true to US10 size in my opinon. Very slight shopwear on the side-soles on these as seen in the pics. Suede is excellent. Trees or box unfortunately not available.
Moved to ebay with no reserve http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290971372135
Have a pair of lace-up boots that I would use much more if they had speedhooks, for ease of on and off. Are there any places that can do this?
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