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Brand new in box Gaziano & Girling Wells model. GG06 last. Chestnut pin grain Size is UK 9D. IMO these fit like a true to size to slightly narrow US9.5 Fantastic sleek last with plain rounded toe, Amazing painted fiddleback waists Unfortunately, trees and shoe bags are not included.
^Warrengardener Good guy
Allen Edmonds Amok
Random observation - the OP has the same writing style / text formatting / English as Victor
Looks like it's official. By Sapna Maheshwari July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Daffy’s Inc., a 19-store chain that sells discount designer brands in the U.S. Northeast, said it will shutter its business in the next few months, citing an uncertain economy and weak consumer spending. “The process will entail the gradual closing of Daffy’s stores and the liquidation of its merchandise,” Michael McMullan, a spokesman, wrote in an e-mailed statement today. Daffy’s, which doesn’t have a...
I think it was a couple weeks ago.
2 Incotex for $75!
Dropped (from $360)
^ Thanks. Probably not going to be worth it - this is an item I sold that was somehow damaged in transit (http://www.styleforum.net/t/305608/paypal-dispute-w-buyer-what-options-do-i-have#post_5549231) I'm better off giving the guy a partial refund and not bothering to try to fix, then sell a the repaired / damaged item.
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