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I like them, but agree with above that would be best paired with cords or denim.
how long will the sale be going on?
Will the big Incotex shipment be here?
Great seller!
A little boring... but happy with them AS Exclusive Moore
I've been searching but haven't hit yet. Any pics of an F-last Suede Norweger?
For only 10 wears it looks like that whole area of the sole near the toe is worn more than I would think. Maybe consider flush metal toe plates?
El Cunado asking about shoe colors! Great ep.
Great seller. These should be long gone!
Have up for sale a pair of Edward Green Burgundy double monks. A leather scar on the toe of each shoe. A small hairline scar on the right toe. A larger one on the toe of the left shoe. Soles do have some wear - probably have a little wear left before re-sole absolutely necessary. Marked size is 10 B 202. So, 202 last, Size is 10 UK Narrow. Trees not included. The scars are there, but not a huge deal breaker IMHO as they have blended nicely with some Saphir cream- If...
New Posts  All Forums: