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how long will the sale be going on?
Will the big Incotex shipment be here?
Great seller!
A little boring... but happy with them AS Exclusive Moore
I've been searching but haven't hit yet. Any pics of an F-last Suede Norweger?
For only 10 wears it looks like that whole area of the sole near the toe is worn more than I would think. Maybe consider flush metal toe plates?
El Cunado asking about shoe colors! Great ep.
Great seller. These should be long gone!
Have up for sale a pair of Edward Green Burgundy double monks. A leather scar on the toe of each shoe. A small hairline scar on the right toe. A larger one on the toe of the left shoe. Soles do have some wear - probably have a little wear left before re-sole absolutely necessary. Marked size is 10 B 202. So, 202 last, Size is 10 UK Narrow. Trees not included. The scars are there, but not a huge deal breaker IMHO as they have blended nicely with some Saphir cream- If...
Vass U-last Shell. Fit is great.
New Posts  All Forums: