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I'll take it if avail!
BNWT David Chu pants (Made in Italy) Tagged size US33 Fabric: 97% cotton / 3% poly, Color: Dark khaki twill ;Split Curtain Waistband, Flapped rear right pocket (left not flapped); Flat Front ; W: 16.5 R: 12 T: 11.5 K: 10.5 LO: 9 I: 37.5 unhemmed. Price: $45 (MSRP= $195) BNWT (pockets still basted) Incotex pants Tagged size US34 Fabric: 100% wool, Model: Incotex Super 150s; Color: Black ;Split Curtain Waistband, internal suspender buttons ; Flat Front ; W: 17 R: 11...
Up for a sale is nice staple suit I have somewhat grown out of. I had it modeled after RLBL style size 40 fit. Solid charcoal wool MTM suit. 2 button jacket. RLBL semi-style structured shoulders. Working button cuffs, double vents. Pants are flat front with plain bottom. Made to measure by my HK tailor. Excellent condition. Measurements. Fit is closest to a slim fit 38-40 in my opinion. Jacket Ch: 20.75 Sh: 18.5 Length BOC: 30.25 Sleeve: 24.75 Pants: W: 15.75 R: 11...
Ending tonight!
Now at $330 with two days left!
What is "baize" fabric / detailing? I am looking online at 100% wool overcoat that is described this way. Is it any less dressy?
What was the fit like?
Ideally looking for a navy blazer size EU50, but open to seeing other things
If you do go the 2 suit route, you can always get multiple pairs of pants with each suit since they will likely get worn out prior to the jacket.
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