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Those are all EGs. So, yes the Dover and the austerity brogue is the Bealieu.The monk is the RLPL Grant
Hasn't gotten as much attention recently, but up until a year or two ago, THE SF shoe was the EG / RLPL Mackay / Asquith in Dark Oak 888 last Best image I could quickly find -there are many more out there - the top right of this pic.
A few quickies I found in the archives from my collection:
See you started the appreciation thread - moved the pics there
Great stuff as always. Drop 9 on that Corneliani, that's hardcore
very nice - what are the soles?
?"There is a slight staining on the rear side of inner pants lining"
Getting this a bunch today too
Anyone just see him on Countdown this Super Bowl morning?
^ an SF member also selling here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/334065/edward-green-galway-for-holland-holland-boots-9-5-10-wide-excellent-cond
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