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BNWT David Chu pants (Made in Italy) Tagged size US33 Fabric: 97% cotton / 3% poly, Color: Dark khaki twill ;Split Curtain Waistband, Flapped rear right pocket (left not flapped); Flat Front ; W: 16.5 R: 12 T: 11.5 K: 10.5 LO: 9 I: 37.5 unhemmed. Price: $45 (MSRP= $195) BNWT (pockets still basted) Incotex pants Tagged size US34 Fabric: 100% wool, Model: Incotex Super 150s; Color: Black ;Split Curtain Waistband, internal suspender buttons ; Flat Front ; W: 17 R: 11...
Up for a sale is nice staple suit I have somewhat grown out of. I had it modeled after RLBL style size 40 fit. Solid charcoal wool MTM suit. 2 button jacket. RLBL semi-style structured shoulders. Working button cuffs, double vents. Pants are flat front with plain bottom. Made to measure by my HK tailor. Excellent condition. Measurements. Fit is closest to a slim fit 38-40 in my opinion. Jacket Ch: 20.75 Sh: 18.5 Length BOC: 30.25 Sleeve: 24.75 Pants: W: 15.75 R: 11...
Ending tonight!
Now at $330 with two days left!
What is "baize" fabric / detailing? I am looking online at 100% wool overcoat that is described this way. Is it any less dressy?
What was the fit like?
Ideally looking for a navy blazer size EU50, but open to seeing other things
If you do go the 2 suit route, you can always get multiple pairs of pants with each suit since they will likely get worn out prior to the jacket.
What price point? Value can come at any price level.
Up for sale is a pair of brown suede chukka boots. Brand is Yellowside. Size is marked EU44. Fits a little smaller in my opinion. Closer to a US10.5 Made in Italy. There are some lines/ defects on the side of one of the boots - not sure how to describe. The pic shows it best. Not too big of an issue when wearing. I wore these just once before deciding they are too big. A good knockaround pair of suede chukkas for cheap
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