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Bad news. Those guys look slim because they are slim. Tiger has a 29" waist!!
Picked up the Ravazollo Friday. Measurements were deadly accurate. The pants had some thread damage on a pocket but I think my tailor can deal with that.
Slycedbred, Turns out we are in the same area. Should make this easy.
Was really looking forward to hearing Jim Hall play with the One O'clock Lab Band up at the Winspear Center at UNT in Denton, TX. Mr. Hall had to cancel so I will not be making the journey from Dallas. Had front row seats to!!
I would swear that I saw prices change over $250.00 dollars in 2 days for a Suit I was looking at from STP. The bad news is the price went back up when they had the 20% deal.
Seems like the option to buy a 2nd set of pants used to be much more commonplace years ago. Having a hard time calculating how true to size the Marco Valentino suits are??
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