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can you post a link to the site where you bought this? i want to see more pics. the pics you posted all have different materials.
how's the fit compared to north american sizes? A korean medium is like a small in north america right? can you meansure the chest? Thanks.
btw, anyone know of any good books for behavioural interviews that I can read? I have 3 weeks off of school before the interviews and would like to use this time to prepare. Also, how much should I research on the firms? Will they ask me stuff about the firm's history, etc?
i will take
Thanks you guys for the helpful advice. What entails "selling work"? Is how does a person go about getting new clients on board? Does the senior manager cold call companies in order to push the firm's business or is this all through connections and meeting people at dinner parties?Btw, a side note on my process. I had office visits with BDO and KPMG last week and have decided PwC is my number one choice. What sealed it was their new office building here in toronto. If all...
pm sent.
Thanks again for your responses. So what would be the best field to go into? The recruiters have said that most co-ops will be placed into Audit, but a few lucky ones might be put into advisory or tax right off the bat. I've heard from many upper years that Tax is the most interesting as you work with different cases all the time while audit gets monotonous very quickly. Advisory seems to be a field where a lot of people like to go. Should I try to position myself to go...
Thanks Texasmade. I live in Toronto and I intend on staying and living here. There are many firms here, and to my knowledge, none really dominate the market, although KPMG claims to have the most financial transactions by volume (recruiting info). What other types of things should I be concerned with when I make my decision on choosing a firm?
Thanks so much for your input. I just got invited to a private dinner (10 people) for PwC in 2 days. I'm really learning toward PwC as they seem to have easy going recruiters (plus they're moving into a new office in a couple of months).
This is a question for all you CAs in Toronto, or CAs in general. I've recently started a graduate program in Accounting 3 months ago after finishing my undergrad in the sciences. Recruiting season is well under way for the first coop term and I'm looking for some recommendations from people who know more than I do. I feel like all the big firms PwC, E&Y, KPMG, BDO, Richter, Soberman that recruit heavily from my program are selling the same product (Deloitte does not...
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