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Im betting Owen will not make it to next season. I also feel that Jimmy will help Nucky and they will be back together. We need an insanely violent scene with Richard/Jimmy & Manny. AND whats up with Van Alden!? This is gonna get crazy, I bet Nucky helps him as well. To quote one of my favorite Nucky quotes "I try to do good" (that was when he had that stripper all over him)
Has everyone forgotten that OKstate lost to Iowa St in two OTs? Bama lost to the #1 ranked team by 3, in OT. Seems obvious that the ranking are accurate. If we have a playoff system, Im confident that the same two teams would be playing in the NC game. Everyone is just anti-SEC
LOL this made my chuckle out loud.
Oh yeah, Im fine. Just angry at him lolWonder how many male suicides are because of Women? Women/money are probably the top causes... Then you got the Hemingway/Thompson groups who are just batshit.
A friend of mine, decided to blow his brains out a few hours ago. On Thanksgiving..... his wife had been cheating on him, and so being a dumbass he kills himself to spite his wife. Killing yourself is such a selfish, shitty thing to do, and to do it on Thanksgiving?! Such a cowardly act. He was 28. No kids. Parents are still alive. How fucking shitty of him to do this to them. The story... Friend and wife were arguing, he leaves to go home. Calls his wife to come...
Look at the beginning and the middle of the SEC season. Heck most of our worst teams have played a tougher schedule than OKstate.....But that said, I'm going to watch the Vandy/UT game.. Vandy is coming in to Neyland Favored! Franklin is doing great things with Vandy this year.
Wait, so there are chicks out there who dont like getting their ass licked!? Lying bitches, the lot of them. I bet they "complain" that it makes them "feel dirty"... such dirty filthy filthy whores.
psst you edited out the part where A.) Has herpes
Gotta keep faith in the Mad Hatter, Chavis, and Mathieu to pull something brilliant together.
According to most experts. Andrew Luck will win the superbowl next year... I myself think hes overrated, playing Oregon proved that. The first good team they played all year and its a 23 point loss. Also took them 3 ots to beat a bad USC team.I too remember Peyton playing, but Im in Knoxville Also everytime I watch Woodson play I think about Peyton losing the Heisman lol. Some/most of the best QBs in the NFL has quiet college careers.Im worried about LSU, they still...
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