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Which off-the-rack dress shirts have non-fused collars and cuffs?
I enjoyed your post. I am traveling to Paris this month, and I intend to visit Charvet. I live in Houston, and I buy bespoke shirts at Hamilton. It's hard to not be satisfied with Hamilton being in one's home town; but I am curious to kick the tires at Charvet while in Paris. I'll be sure and post a "compare and contrast" comment when I return.
Of course.
I've never had pants let out; but all the pants I've had taken in have all been disasters for the reasons heretofore written. I'm considering a similar question with off the rack suits. I am a 38R coat and a 33R pant. Problem is: most 38R suits come with a 32R pant. I have in the past purchased a 39R suit in order to get proper fitting pants, and then have the jacket slightly taken in. On the other hand, should I be buying a 38R suit and then have the pants let...
Rep. Charlie Wilson bought and still buys all his shirts from Hamilton Shirts in Houston.
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