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I was going to suggest putting clothes in oven on ,Broil. Quote: Originally Posted by Master Squirrel Only fire can get rid of that smell. I recommend burning your entire wardrobe.
Me too. Tell your sister to STFU. Quote: Originally Posted by cmacey I wear mine with jeans, khakis, and dress trousers/suits. My Sister laughs at my "old man" shoes, but I love 'em!
Wow! They look like different shoes. Must have been the flash. I sometimes get that with my dark skinned bitchez online. In person they're much hotter. Much prefer the second set of pics. Anyway, nice shooz.
Red Wing Filson Alden Freemans Sporting Club Facebook Nike, Adidas, etc. Cinnabon
These are G&G.
You bought a pair of boots because a bunch of anonymous posters on interweb fora think they're nice? And you continue to wear them despite the difficulties of doing so? Nice suit, BTW. You should get one in brown ,chalked stripe. Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust As for the boots, they were a chance purchase from Paul Stuart in NYC - marked down heavily, and bought partially because the gentlemen posters on this website and That Other...
It makes perfect sense, if you're a circus clown.
Cleverley Churchill:
Go for it.
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