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Quote: Originally Posted by Fang66 I cover the visible signs of aging with money. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by jenlain next time it happens try tanning (lotion or actual). had this happen once or twice in the past. Good idea. Then you can go to your job interview looking like a hungover guido instead. Edit: What a guido might look like (for those not familiar):,r:3,s:0
Quote: Originally Posted by ocw26 Im having the same problem. This never happened before so I was kind of worried.. And for the whole "tell your parents" thing, this guy is probably older than 18, And you know he's "probably older than 18" how? Quote: therefore his parents have no say in what he does legally. It would be pointless. Get over it. Legally they are not responsible for what he does IF he's over 18. If...
Would it be possible for you to measure them from heel to toe? Thanks, J.
Quote: Originally Posted by miker Tandy? Judges, can we accept "Tandy"? Tandy was the parent corp of Radio Shack. Judges say: "Close enough"! We have a winnar!!! Tell him what he's won, Johnny!
My dad worked for Bona Allen until they were sold to a craft store company that had just launched a little startup electronic goods company. He'll get a kick out of this when I email him the link. Bonus points for the first person to identify the startup...
Would you mind measuring the sole from toe to heel? Thanks, J.
Is this the same jacket you're offering in this thread?
Might want to rethink linking to a page that shows them selling for $164.95 if you're offering them for $179.
Drop to $100
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