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I wear an 11D in Allen Edmonds Park Avenue & Sheltons, does anyone know how this compares to these in 11.5? They are 1/2" longer than the Sheltons I am wearing today...
Could you post some larger pictures?
PM Sent on #104
That's a great bag! And an outstanding price! If my wife hadn't already threatened to divorce me if I bought another briefcase or bag...
PM sent on Tyrwhitt.
Is the wallet in post #201 the inside of pic #2 in post #216, or possibly post #219? How thick are #210 and #216 when they are closed? I'm also interested in a belt with the quick release buckle. Do you still have that buckle in stock? Thanks, J.
Do you have the sleeve length of the RLBL Blue Stripe - French Cuff 17 Available? Thanks, J.
Men become more distinguished with age. "Men age like fine wine. Women age like milk."
Quote: Originally Posted by Costanza Thanks for that, but I just tried that in the bathroom mirror. It didn't work. Any other ideas? The benefits do not show in a mirror.
Fop. Unless you're a Dapper Dan man.
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