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PM sent.
Great Bag! (I'll take "things that go 'bump' in the night for 500, alex)
PM sent on 1,5 & 8. *edit* Items still available. I've decided against them since the shirt I wanted was sold but not marked as such. *edit2* "This user" didn't really care as much about the other two items, but was going to buy them along with the shirt that "This user" really wanted. I realize the seller couldn't do anything about the fact that someone paid him for the shirt without his knowledge while he was asleep, and I'll take him at his word that he had no idea...
PM sent on Pendleton
Got them today. USPS didn't run all week due to the snow and ice we had. Fit fine. My first pair of quality jeans. They are a tad long. I'm 6'1", can I get away with wearing them cuffed a couple of inches? Not sure if I should get them hemmed and if so how much.
PM Sent
Received mine in the mail today! Didn't know you were in Bulldawg country. Nice. Great value. Going to polish them up and wear them to work tomorrow. Thanks!
Get some 17's while you're there...
Makes me want to find the Gucci saddlebags that Sheriff Bart had...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Sorry, but none of these pictures match up with the numbers in the spreadsheet. Picture 116 is a brown Snakeskin monkstrap Spreadsheet #116 = Bucktown Penny Loafer\t Black This is just 1 random example. I'd love to know what you guys are looking at. I'd think the more pertinent question would be what are YOU looking at, considering that more of us see the correct images than don't. Of course I...
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