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PM Sent on Brooks Brothers 17x34
Quote: Originally Posted by mhj That's a good way to look at it, I used to wear a 16.5 too but I've out grown it. It seems to me that most of the clothing I see posted for sale is in much smaller sizes, like 15-16 in shirts, 8-10 in shoes. That's what leads me to believe we're a plus size. Hey, I've got a shirt for sale just your size - Either that or we're men shopping on a boys' forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by memo1019 a great member That's what she said.
Brother!!!! We are same!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by bandrus1 Quote: Originally Posted by Derek92 It means you bumped a thread that was 8 months old for no reason. If you're curious about something that is most likely sold from a long time ago, do us a favor and send the guy a pm. Lighten up Francis
I should get my wife one of these for her birthday...
Quote: Originally Posted by horse's_ass as a previous owner of ostrich leather trousers, i can confirm they are quite supple. not as supple as my chimpanzee foreskin ranger shorts, but supple nonetheless. Awesome
PM Sent. I'll take one of each.
Quote: Originally Posted by caitlynnfoster These is one of the good stuff that can be perfectly one of the good picture that can be great and also provide one of the style which is boot and trade of good stuff. I am standing here beside myself!
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six ^How does that make any sense. "You can buy this for $80 but the price is $100"? No, the price is $80. It makes perfect sense to me, if the seller is philosophically opposed to the concept of not being able to bump his thread without having to pay for the privilege. Announcing it does sort of diminish the effectiveness however.
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