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Never mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by stu00a Am I late for the party? Nah. You just have to decide whether you're on the "E-Peen" side or the "Monday Morning Quarterback" side. It's sort of like choosing sides in beer pong though. Doesn't really matter. Quote: Originally Posted by brianoh ... if there's one thing I learned living in NYC, it's not to fuck with crazy people. ever. I'm sorry kind sir for whatever I may have...
Quote: Originally Posted by tweedydon Price drop on 2! Orvis camelhair still available! You meant Orvis sold, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by HEWSINATOR I just think it would still be too bulky in my pocket. I'll be happy to help you out. Just send all that bothersome, bulky cash to me and voila! Slim wallet!
Quote: Originally Posted by dsbkoko How many posts has this guy made on the thread? Having fun yet? Actually I am quite enjoying myself at the moment. 33K' over Atlantic City NJ and although it's a bumpy flight AirTran has managed to keep the fuselage of this 737 intact. My colleague is taking a SW flight from St. Louis, meeting me in Boston. Hopefully her flight doesn't have the sunroof option.
Quote: Originally Posted by dsbkoko Seriously. You post on a B/S forum, which specifically targets a MARKET that will pay above and beyond normal market value for used clothing. Then you whine and moan about your lack of knowledge of the electronics market. It's sold, clearly you don't know anything about it, and snarky comments are unnecessary, but okay. But then people defend the OP, you get all butt-hurt because your e-peen got insulted. 48 years...
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Then you haven't checked since... ever. There has always been a rule against this. This is also true. So basically you both suck. I mispoke. There are rules against pretty much anything. I should have said that I think the mods here don't enforce any rules against snark. At least I'm not aware of it. They will, however, threaten to ban you for bumping your own B/S post. And by posting your own snark...
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz come on no thread shitting. if you arent even in the market for it why did you post in this thread? Since you're so concerned, Mr. Helper, I'll explain. I mark my place in the three B/S folders by opening (therefore marking as read) the most recent post. I then read the titles until I get to the last read thread that I know I wasn't interested in. Like sales for size 7 shoes or children sized clothing. Just...
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