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Have you experienced any of the issues that are described here: ? I love the way this case looks but with the crappy ATT service I get inside my office I couldn't handle any reduction in signal strength.
PM sent on 5/25, do you still have these for sale?
Quote: Originally Posted by xudisco07 Even a Disco, except LR3 or newer. Death before Disco.
Could you post some more pics?
UPDATE: Sold. Bought from this thread: Just received them today and tried them on. Wife giggled. Too tight in the seat/upper legs for me. Don't want to look like that guy in the beer commercial with the "skinny jeans"... From the original thread: Quote: Here is a pair of NWT Mabitex pants I purchased on the forum. I'd say it is the nicest pair of cotton Mabi's that I own but unfortunately the slimmest also....
PM on Khakis...
PM on Mabitex
Hell, half the clothes for sale here are kids sized...
' '
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