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Another one
In the funding process:Next up is this tobacco super fine twill cotton:
Seersucker popover CEGO
100% cashmere houndstooth gunclub. Various shades of brown with blue overcheck, 10/11oz, English mill, 60 inch width. $100/yd for scale: Group pic: The first one is a Kiton cashmere/linen/silk blend. It has a faint herringbone, dry finish, good for a spring/summer suit, sportcoat, etc. Its a greyish brown $90/yd English Solaro, if you know what this is you don't need a description and if you don't know, probably best not to buy it. $90/yd Loro Piana...
Yes recently made for customers.
A couple of funded unfundeds: Maize H&S linen silk wool Same in oatmeal: Grey donegal linen: hollywood back
Wish it were possible for people to do more in the wild pics and less staged Auguste Rodin poses. Clothing is obviously meant to move with your body, and seeing the context of where/why something was worn is important, along with how things really look in real life.
I voted to Remain but was forced to pull out of the union
I'm a bit of a big market for VAG meself.
They are typical medium grey. No blue shades at all.
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