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Not really a herringbone, its a wool/cotton twillVeni's linen's are pretty pimp
No upcharge for MTO's. The only thing that really changes the prices are large swings in the euro. There is also a discount code for the stuff on the site (not MTO) available now, you can PM me for it.
I do that all the time.
Thanks, yes, I had these made on the Frakno, which is their "modern English" last.
I am, in fact, affiliated with Buday shoes. Fox reverse calf derbies
The tie tuck in the pants has been happening for many years. It was seen in preppy/ivy students, tucking the tie in so that it's not getting caught on desks, food falling on it as you ate etc. it was also seen on the likes of Fred Astaire and other small men whose high rise trousers would have the blade of the tie fall to their crotch if left outside (and also helpful in dancing, tie is not flying around). So people can hate how it looks, that is their perogative but it...
Why do you have to layer? The first pic, you have a loud patterned shirt, tie and pants (by loud I just mean very noticeable). Why the cord vest? Less is more when you dress the way you do. You like patterns/colors and you have an eye for it, but every piece you wear doesn't have to be in your face, When the top is loud (shirt/tie), keep the bottom quiet and vice versa. When you are as good as you in wearing patterns/colors, its easy to want to wear 4-5 patterns in one...
I like AAS's style, he has refined his "preppy/ivy" taste quite well but many times he (and others) would benefit from Coco Chanel's advice (paraphrasing), "look at yourself in the mirror once you are dressed and then take one item off". The cord vest in the previous fit is bizarre.
Well, I'll just reply this one time than go back to my little cave. The Foo one shoe thing, was never treated as a "rule". If anything, he got more shit for that than anything anyone else on this forum has ever gotten. The one shoe is actually more of an example of what you are advancing, Foo knows that a one shoe is not going to be appropriate for every outfit, yet he didn't care and went with it. Nothing wrong with that. The white shirt thing, that is actually very...
Not "calling you out" nor do I care about the current argument going on but I want to respond to your post due to the fact that I feel I owe a debt of gratitude to the people you mentioned (vox/manton/foo) along with people like whnay,iammatt, rjman, AHarris, docholiday, TCHouston, whoopee and a bunch other that have long disappeared.I understand the thought process behind "its my style, so it can't be wrong" but classic menswear is not a free for all. Whether you want...
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