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Any chance you havwe a full/better pic of this? Showing the sweater/shirt/tie texture? And I am assuming those are flannels and ideally you are wearing something suede on your feet This ticks off a lot of boxes that I don't think people can appreciate at first glance and I would like to make a post with the pic on my blog.
Bit of a weak, uh, shot.
Just to continue the convo between Flyingmonkey + Adolesco, I humbly, barely disagree that flat fronts = no suspenders (although you will see more pleated pants with suspenders than you will flat fronts), I think is has more to do with the rise, where the pant waist sits on you.Scbrowns looks above is great, flat front pants but higher rise than what is trendy and the suspenders work. As a matter of fact (actually, just my opinion), on paper this fit should not work. I...
Don't worry, he already knows.
You need to contact voxsartoria through his blog www.voxsartoria.comHe handles all profile deletions.
So you're giving 3 piece a chance? You can't see any if the vest cloth on my suits (because they're two piece)
Really? I can't recall a day that I have gone without taking a dump, unless I've been sick or something. Longest I've gone was three days that I was in the hospital.
NY Times magazine had an article a few weeks back stating that a man's chances of getting raped increase from like 1 in 20 to 1 in 5 (I'm paraphrasing, don't remember the exact numbers) the minute they join the army. Would you agree/disagree?
Don't underestimate yourself, I think you definitely are douchey enough
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