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Yep. And lose in the first round of the playoffs.
The biggest issue is that you have a lot of junk in your trunk and the vents can't cover it. You need more fabric all aorund the hips but the suits are definitely wearable.
I think if you're Indiana, you just can't win any series without something from Hibbert. Yes, they won the last series but Atlanta gave two games away, Indiana really should be home. Hibbert may lay a goose egg again but you have to try and adjust as a coach and put your best players in situations where they can be effective. He won't get out a slump sitting on the bench. The Pacers play deliberate, they averaged 96 points game (93 post all star game) on 80 shots. The...
It will slow the game down a bit, which is to the pacers advantage. Also, it lets Hibbert stay in the game (you could look at that as a negative for the Pacers) as he doesn't have to chase down anyone. Lastly, you force them to take long 3's or run their offense through Nene or Gortat at the top of the key. The Wiz may still kill you but what they are doing now is not working defensively. They scored 96 points yesterday, this team is built to win games where they score...
if you crop out his face you can find literally 20 other people on tumblr/instagram (involved in clothing sales) that dress exactly the same, you couldn't tell one apart from the other. How is that stylish? And its not dressed the same in the sense that they are all wearing odd jacket or suit fits but where every detail is exactly the same, the cuts are exactly the same (no regard for body types), even some of the same patterns. I mean, come on.
I just got your email, I'll reply later today (long story but I can't reply to that email from where I am), But the short answer is yes and the next order is coming in 4-5 weeks so we can put yours in now.
I'm a pretty surprised at the lack of faith in the Nets, I think they will pull it off barring any injuries to Williams or Pierce. I've been reading the typical stuff (ESPN, probasketball talk etc) and its really surprising at the hate for Lin. I get why people hate Melo, James and Kobe but Lin?? They put these articles out that subtlely balme Lin for Houston's series loss and then in the comments people pile on with how horrible he is He averaged almost 14 and 4 off...
yeah, why the eff would you that?? To me that is so disrespectful. "Hey, we are down 10, you've been sitting all game, and we are only going to get 2-3 more possessions, go in there and show me what you got!"
I actually feel bad for Hibbert now. And was Vogel there for the Hawks series So you almost lose to the Hawks, you have similar matchup issues with the Wizards and you play pretty much the same way that got you 3 loses in the previous round?
I think you guys are underestimating the size and the depth of the Nets. The Heat are 2 time champs and have LBJ so they should be the favorites but its not some miracle if the Nets win the series
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