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Don't think so but I get my political news from mofo:http://www.mofopolitics.com/2013/08/23/the-clintons-greatest-shame-chelsea-clinton-is-the-biological-daughter-of-webb-hubbell/
The only issue is that most of the hookers procured look like 18 year old Corey Feldman.
In certain countries/cultures (japan/germany etc), this is an invitation for intimacy, you missed an opportunity.
you might have hearing AIDS.
I won't comment on fit because obviously when you do something like this mail order (in particular "copying" jackets) it will take some back and forth to get it right.But stylistically, I would drop the buttoning point at least an inch, I would drop the gorge least an inch. You have very sloped shoulders (many do) and I know that the popular thing is the soft shoulder/no padding look, but when your shoulders are the way yours are and you put on a jacket like the green...
I just googled MC Shan for not sure what reason and I saw that he and KRS were puttting out diss tracks to each other earlier this year and I'll leave this here, The Bridge is Over
wow, scott the engineer has hit some hard times
Spoo is Sean Hannity.
that you are 100% incorrect about. I won't get into the psychology of buyers when looking at a buy it now versus an auction (there have been many studies done that show the no reserve auction will almost always get you more money) but you can find many examples of no reserve auctions of high end items and the seller did not pay $1000 for the sweater, Yoox is selling Kiton sweaters for $200-300, which means they got them for $50-100 (or less). If you find a source, you...
oops, we are talking about two different listings.the first listing, the green sweater, looks as legit as any Kiton product I've handled and the seller seems to have sold a lot of Kiton items. The second listing is obviously fake.Ask the seller for a pic of the fabric tag.
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