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the two prior possessions, they came up empty, I think two shot clock violations (although one possession feature Prigioni directly under the basket, wide open, and he kicks the ball out). Running the triangle, or any system, does not mean that you adhere to it for every single play. How many end of game contested jumpers did Jordan take in the Triangle? The Triangle is meant to facilitate everyone on the floor, the Knicks had more assists yesterday then in any game...
oh, I get it. Its a Melo isolation (he did that maybe 2-3 times all game) which goes against the triangle system that the Knicks are supposedly running. Funny stuff. The Melo shot was a baseline jumper from about 12-14 feet, not sure how that is a bad shot, the Cavs were all hanging around the paint in case he drove. Obviously a wide open shot would be better.
I don't understand how with the vast shift to natural/organic things, figging has not had a big revival among the current generation
the dodge hellcat that I hope to get my hands on will have something to say about that.
All game long Barkley was creaming over LeBron and the Cavs. How they are going to win 60 games and are the favorite to win it all. Everytime Cleveland missed, it was because they were pressing, were too excited, new coach/new gameplan etc.( but he did not extend the same courtesy to the Knicks who have a new coach/system and team) Not once did he give credit to the Knicks. Not once did he mention the team ball (31 assists) the Knicks were playing or how good Fisher's...
yuck it up now gentlemen, but don't be surprised later on.
sorry to hear that Anyway, I spend most of my time in my underwear now (except when I am asleep).I wrote the following over the last few hours that I was bored. Its long and tedious, so don't read it unless you suffer from insomnia.There are so many aspects and subplots to this whole posting pics/critiquing outifts thing. I don't do much of either anymore for various reasons but neither is really easy to do. Starting with the static pics, there are lots of variances...
Interestingly enough, today's players are so much more deserving of a punch in the face than the players from the previous decade. The whining, flopping, cuddling etc.I wouldn't make any bold proclamations from the first game, I like the bulls lineup but gasol and rose could easily miss half a season (and rose did not look that good yesterday going up against that defensive monster, shane larkin). Knicks are going to surprise people. We are going to take our lumps early...
don't fret, gentlemen in the know substitute a wool sock for a wool ps.
Has anyone seen Voxsartoria I hope he is OK, he is missed.
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