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Don't give up, you can do it!!
that actually looks like what was standard when I was growing up.
meh, sounds more "marketing" to me than anything else. Obviously whatever he does, people will go out an eat (and pay handsomely) so he doesn't need any gimmicks but at the same time, the hotel where his restaurant is uses up more resources than many of the small farms where he would be getting his meat/duck/veg from. He gets his veg. form Versailles??? That's not using up a shitload of resources? The ultimate resource free, natural, light cuisine would be rainwater. ...
You can now download a Super Smash Bros playable demo for the 3DS from the Japanese Nintendo E Shop (obviously need to have a Japanese 3DS). My kids downloaded it and it looks pretty awesome.
I think you guys are getting caught up in this too much. By the third/fourth week of the season, this story is forgotten. At the end of the day, money talks and the NFL will still be bringing in cash by the boatload. No sponsors are boycotting, no fans are boycotting. The media and some players are calling for Goodells head but unless someone has him on tape saying he doesn't give a shit about this Rice issue, he will still be the commissioner by the end of the season. ...
PM sent
Buday. You can check my tumblr for better pics. Or better yet, check my site to buy them.
yeah, will probably also do another pair, either in suede or a hatch grain.
give me a shout a day or so before showing up and largest stock size I have right now is UK11. Typically, under a size UK7 and above a UK11, I don't keep in stock, I do those as special order (no price difference, you just have to wait for them to be made).
The boots come on the Frakno and the Tisza last.What size are you, what shoe brands?
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