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I'll just make a quick comment and then disappear into the ether. I agree more with Luca then I do with you. An important aspect of picking a tailor is how their house style jives with both what you are looking for and how that style fits in with you. The second point is something that I think not enough people consider (sorry, not everyone looks great in a napoli style). To address Luca's point, the other thing that few people consider is, what is the tailor's personal...
well, when I say "$600's" I probably mean $699
the samples on the fall/winter boots and shoes should arrive in the next 2-3 weeks. No need for a GMTO, I would take whatever number of different orders on the same shoe/boot, no upcharge. The bottom boot will be part of my stock, just don't know yet what makeup I am doing. Probably a suede, maybe a cordovan, some mixed materials one. Prices will be in the $600's (leather/suede).
I am not one to believe that a player that does not win a championship should have his career diminished, as many great players have never won one. I did not really follow Garnett in minn that much, but I never heard anyone say anything similar about Jordan as he pretty much made the playoffs from day one and you want to talk about not having any talent around you, those teams were literally one man shows. I am happy with my Knicks, its just silly how people come down on...
so in other words, a Carmelo that has accomplished more than he who shall not be named?
don't think he was trying to be funny, its actually true
You mean the Carmelo that carried Dante Jones, Kevin Martin, JR Smith, Nene et al to the WCF by averaging 27ppg? Or the Carmelo that only missed the playoffs once, even though he's been on mediocre teams at best?
yes, it is soft and thick, I have some swatches. I'll probably just leave it for the shaft of a boot at most then.
DW, what are your thoughts/experience with moose leather? i am looking at having a couple of boots/shoes made in it.
I just found them to be crazy sweet.Conne, your avatar is epic. I can feel the strength of his pimp hand.
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