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New and Unworn ties. $65 shipped each Cotton/silk, light brown with dark brown and green medallions 3 1/4 x 57 (SOLD) Cotton/silk paisleys, brown and blue 3 1/4 x 57 Wool, red with blue/navy/white medalions 3 x 56
Well, at least people are showing outrage at the real issues http://news.yahoo.com/rob-lowe-ripped-social-media-paris-attack-tweets-004011701.html
Doubt it. Charlie Hebdo was supposed to be that event but it became partially a victim blaming story. This will turn out to be some down on their luck, radicalized Muslims taught to be upset with the Western treatment of "fill in the blank" and after the initial anger dies down France and the rest of Europe will do some serious "reflection" on how to better integrate a subsection of the Muslim community that just does not want to integrate but rather destroy.
A little too late for that.
Navy shell yes and they do offer wider widths although is not the way typical shoe makers do. Rather than offering you a wide width in Last A, they offer you Last B, C or D which go up in width. But an H Vass would probably fit in the Frakno2 but shoot me a PM or email and we can discuss in detail.
Shipping is included in price
Thanks to everyone who came out and stopped by, it was a pleasure meeting everyone. Those that I owe an email to I will get back later tonight/tomorrow. Apologies if I didn't give anyone the time or attention they deserved, there was a time when we were a bit busy and I got a bit flustered. For those that could not make it, I put some remainder pants up on B&S for sale.
Bringing the trunk show online for those that could not attend the NYC one. All the following pants current season, absolutely terrific and have not even been on my site yet. I do only have a few left though. Prices are cheaper than what they would go for on my site (and a few dollars more than the NYC trunk show price). Medium Grey Flannel from Holland and Sherry Classic Flannel book. 11/12oz. Signature Cut. Flat Front, zip fly, right back pocket with button, left...
The shoes are currently in stock in Oxblood cordovan but can be ordered in a variety of leathers/cordovan. The boots are only available through MTO right now, also in multiple leathers/cordovan. No up charge for made to order
New Posts  All Forums: