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Some used shoes and new limited edition sneakers for sale. Please know your size, I will not take refunds on the used shoes. Shoe trees are not included. Price include shipping to North America. Shoes come in their boxes. RM Williams Whiskey Yearling Craftsman, size 9F. $150 (SOLD) Trickers Snuff Repello Suede Chukka Boot. Size 9E $125 (SOLD) NIB Adidas Stan Smith Primeknit in grey. Long since sold out, classic sneaker in the beautiful new Primeknit...
How's your Amy Shumer, doc??
PM sent.
On chalk stripes, I think a wider distance between the stripes looks best, although I am not a big stripe aficionado to begin with. Also, I know I am in the minority, but the thought of 18oz flannel as a suit makes me sweat. It it will take is a couple block walk or slight under air conditioned room for me to lose my mind.I prefer the width of the normal Fox navy chalkstripe:
that's a hell of an accidental text, location/time/car type and or plate
^ The label on the big blade looks Kate Upton but the print on the small blade looks Kardashian
I've used Five Star and its great, cashmere like feel to the fabric. I also received positive feedback from those that I sold some to (have one length left ).
sounds no different than half the things I've seen Off Broadway. Set up a viewing area and charge admission.
Thank you very much, 3 sold, 3 left.
2yds is typically enough for a solid color assuming you are no bigger than a size US 44, 2.5 yards if a large pattern.$100
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