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Thanks for the "live" shots guys, the shoes look great like that and your pics give a great look at the shapes. I love the Budapesters, I dress casually most days and wear that shoe more than any other but the derby is on my favorite last and I love it because its the perfect shoe to dress up/down. The tobacco cordovan is also so rich and chocolate milky.
Doing some cleaning and have a bunch of fabrics for sale: Khaki Donegal tweed, real, coarse tweed like Harris. A bit over 2 yards, $100 Vintage Reid and Taylor brown and blue houndstooth, two 2 yard pieces (or one 4 yard), $60/yd 3 ply saxony blue, 3 1/4 yds. $150 Zegna 100% wool chocolate brown shepards check, 400 grams $60/yd three pieces of "navy" Zegna cloth The first one is a midnight navy 100% cashmere, $80/yd Second and third are 100% wool, one is...
I'm happy for Rose and I hope he stays healthy all year but I don't understand these guys that have had leg/foot injuries, they come back and they start flying out of the gym, dunking all over the place. I get that he probably feels like he has to show people what he can do but there is nothing wrong with a layup. You look at some of these guys that play late into their careers (Ray Allen, Jason Kidd etc) and they would rarely, if ever (in Kidds case) monster dunk. Maybe...
Robert Hayes as the pilot, referencing Airplane scenes, could be the best opening of any movie in the history of the world.
ordered a bunch of chicken and meatball parm hero's, watching Sharknado double feature with my kid and a bunch of his friends
Never knew that people with full time jobs lived in Brooklyn, you learn something new everyday.
anyone that complains about today's morning weather needs to have his scrotum accupunctured.
sb, I don't have a witty reply for that FG, I just finally learned how to keep the heat between 250-275 for hours and now I have to learn the opposite????
that looks great, I need to get one of those attachments.
How would you describe your normal stance and how are your shuolders? Something is throwing the jacket off (or rather the fit of the jacket doesn't jive with your body), I think its your left shoulder or rather that you shoulders are uneven. Besides the lapel bowing the left side of the front of the jacket is lower than the right side.
New Posts  All Forums: