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Nice Tuna.I like prettty much all the Longines shown, the date does not affect me. Rogers chrono in particular, I like the black and white of the dial.
Pliny, not that I am trying to change your mind (or am I ) but my take on this is, on the left pic, due to the sloping shoulders, the shoulder/sleeve cap seems to be lower than the gorge, which to me, again, accentuates the low shoulders. A lower gorge will make the shoulders seem higher than they actually are. I do get a lot of pushback, as most of my customers prefer the gorge on the left but they seem to like it after we do it. The gorge on the right is probably about...
are you anti-California now too
about AAS's feet
Typically don'r drink or make dinner on weekdays but today was a good day so did both. Started out with this riesling, inexpensive and nice, a bit mineraly, a bit vegetal on the nose, very clean fruit going down Followed up with this with dinner: Will have a bit of this before bedtime
OK, those details you mention are pretty standard/classic blazer details though. On the gorge, I believe the exact opposite as you, the more sloped your shoulders, the worse a high gorge looks as it accentuates your shoulders and the gorge looks like its pulling up past your shoulder line. Anyway, just a difference in opinion.
Its interesting that you say that as I find that gorge ideal and push my customers to get something closer to that than what is more the norm today.
Final price drop on Trickers (all Dinkelackers sold)
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