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sorry to hear that. I am assuming the are worn I'll give you an accomodation on next order, Frakno is a bit lower instep than BP (still higher than the english stuff)
Generally, I tell people to take a full size down from their US size. I find that advice works most of the time but there have been instances where 1.5 sizes down was necessary. At the end of the day, the shoes just need to be on your feet to figure out what works for you. Just as an FYI, any shoes that are special ordered, if we don't get your size right, we order the correct one, you are not stuck with a shoe that does not fit. There are exceptions to this exchange...
The ties are lined and untipped. It's a light lining but allows for a nice knot, drape and so the seams of the tie don't show through the fabric. For those of you with similar untipped ties from Kiton etc, it's the same thing. If you are really inquisitive, there is a voxsartoria pictorial thread on unlined/lined multi fold ties somewhere.
Here are some pics. Basically, all swatches are "straight" so you need to rotate them 45 degrees. So generally, a swatch that has a diagonal design will make up as a straight patterned tie and vice versa.
If you think that is a lot for a guy to pay for a UFO, you should see what some guys are willing to pay for Uranus.
Size 34 sample wool pant still available, price is now $169
Probably Manton. Couldn't deal with the heat/humidity today.
Some clearance items for sale. All new and unworn MTO order that was not picked up, medium weight khaki cotton flat front pants. Zip fly, two back pockets, unlined. $149 (SOLD) Waist - 35 Front Rise - 11 1 /4 Back Rise - 16 1/2 Seat - 41 Unhemmed Inseam- 38 Leg opening - 8 3/4 Green medium weight cotton flat front pants. Button fly, one back pocket (right side). Unlined. $129 SOLD Waist - 32 Front Rise - 10 1/4 Back Rise- 15 1/2 Seat - 37 1/2 Unhemmed Inseam -...
Sorry if I wasn't clear earlier. The bottom is the fabric swatch. The top is the fabric as a tie (fabric cut on bias).
I think Capelli probably misunderstood the question. Both of my tie makers cut at 45 degrees, I know nothing of tie making but my Italian maker has been around forever and makes for their own high dollar brand and others.Here is Drakes cutting at 45 degrees:http://www.theguardian.com/money/2010/feb/06/make-a-silk-tieAnd if you go to Sam Hober's site, it's the same thing. I've never seen a tie not cut at 45 degrees.
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