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You mean the Carmelo that carried Dante Jones, Kevin Martin, JR Smith, Nene et al to the WCF by averaging 27ppg? Or the Carmelo that only missed the playoffs once, even though he's been on mediocre teams at best?
yes, it is soft and thick, I have some swatches. I'll probably just leave it for the shaft of a boot at most then.
DW, what are your thoughts/experience with moose leather? i am looking at having a couple of boots/shoes made in it.
I just found them to be crazy sweet.Conne, your avatar is epic. I can feel the strength of his pimp hand.
A friend's family has a bunch of DD stores and he once took me to the place where they make the donuts for their stores. They are like cotton candy when you get them there. But yeah, after sitting in the stores for hours, they turn into cardboard.Never got the hype behind Krispy Kreme.
I'm perfectly fine with Dunkin Donuts.
those Buday are $950, that's nuts!! Oh, wait a minute.... If by versatile boots you are looking for something to wear with odd jacket fits, jeans/cords/khaki's, I would much prefer something in suede than something in any leather, but thats just me.
wow, C&J's are $750 for rubber soled leather now??? I need to raise my prices.
Think Reggie Evans. Not going to take you over the hump, but definitely a useful bench piece. Plus he brings the beard.
look up a video of Acy rejecting a Dwight Howard dunk, that alone should keep him in the NBA.
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