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Those of you who have been here 5 yrs+ or so will remember this gentleman, who use to post here regularly. Very sad situation for the victim and I would assume traumatizing for him: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/woman-59-critically-injured-central-park-bicyclist-article-1.1945036
Last time I was at John's (at least a year ago), they were using the regular cheap pepperoni and also shredded cheese, which I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it was mozz. I haven't been to the one in the theater district (is it still there?) in over 10 yrs. A decent pie in mid/uptown is Angelo's on 57th. The building had a coal overn in there forever so they built the pizzeria around it.
Institches (suit/tie) 43 thumbs and PoP (pants) 27 thumbs. I'm going to take credit for all 70 thumbs, I don't care what you think.
Vicuna runs around $6000 a yardEscorial runs around $300-400 a yard
In a similar vein (), did you guys see the story about the male models constantly getting harrassed during shows/shoots by label reps/photogs/ etc, all male. Things like, a bunch of young dudes modeling underwear and a label rep or the photog coming over and saying "I need to fix your junk for this pic" or "we need to measure you (your junk) to see if you would work for this shoot" and the shoot is for shoes or something. Serious issue but on the inside I was LOLing.
in the post story shoe goes from "he grabbed my ass" to "it felt like he put 3 fingers on my ass ever so gently". Eventually it may get to "his hand brushed up against me".Interesting tactic she is using. He wants to expose him as a groper, but of course brings up the $2 tip on the $15 bill. She mentions she hates what she does (and of course she was a college honors student). The guy comes off like a real douche, I don't know why he would resort to calling her the c word...
I think the stitching on your cap toes is off, obviously not a big deal but maybe let the make know.
Hmm, had never seen those and just found a pic. The soles/welts are a bit "theatrical"...... If you like that style, but done in a more classic way, look at Vass, Dinkelacker or Buday, you'll find pics of Buday in my tumblr (). The Italians, like Santoni, Lidfort, Bonafe, Lattanzi do similar work also.
Both boots now sold.
A couple of things for sale including some Dinkelackers that I am clearing out. Volpe bespoke spotcoats. Both are 3 roll 2, 3 patch pockets, quarter lined. Top button on sleeves is fake (other 3 are real), allowing for sleeves to be lengthened and another buttonhole added. P&H worsted Gunclub - $350 Shoulders - 18 7/8 Armpit to Armpit - 21 1/2 Half waist - 21 1/2 Waist (across middle button, buttoned) - 20 Length from BOC - 30 Sleeves - 23 3/8 (an extra 1.5 inch of...
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