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I have a long rambling answer to your question, which will not include specific names of tailors but will hopefully tell you how to narrow down your list of prospective RTW brands or tailors that would be right for you. But its long and rambling in my head, so let me make it concise on paper and then I'll post it here.
If you can afford Tom Ford or Bergdorf at 40% off, you can afford to have suits made for you.
Presidential candidate Gary Johnson did not know what Aleppo was http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/gary-johnson-presidential-candidate-aleppo-article-1.2782949
Was that pre or post digestion Anyone watching Chefs Table France on Netflix? First episode is Alain Passard, its pretty good. Very nice production and gets a bit into Passard's background and what inspires him but its a bit heavy handed. There are two people on the episode that sing his praises, forget who they were, but one is a guy and he looks like he is about to creme fraiche his pants at one point. He is talking about how Passard is a mad genius, something along...
Well, everybody has to choose for themselves based on their situations. You can have a variety of blue sportcoats, given the multitude of shades/textures etc available and not have it look like you are wearing the same coat everyday. If I were a lawyer or a banker, that LL fabric would be about number 25 on the list of sportcoats to get made up. If I were an interior desecrator or ran an art gallery, that may be the third or fourth jacket I would get.The point is not so...
^^^ Actually, that picture may be a bigger indictment The natural light in that pic is rather subdued, lots of shadows. The one that thing that really pops out is the electric blue. I like bold patterns (although heading more subdued as I age) but that jacket works in a wardrobe where you have lots of jackets. Once you wear it, it will be remembered for a long time and wearing it again in a few weeks will make you "that sportcoat guy". If your rotation consists of...
Well I'm going to take the "buy a man a fish/teach a man to fish" route.Before you can decide where to buy, you need to know what you are looking to buy. What are the purpose of the shirts/jackets you are buying? Business or casual? If business, what type of industry? A large law firm will dress differently then a social media firm. If casual, are you looking to wear mostly "nightlife" type clothing? What does your current wardrobe look like in terms of colors and items...
My suggestion would be to not order anything else from Trunk Club or Trumaker. Trunk club in particular, at those prices, you have many other options.
That would be a very bold pattern in such a large design as an overcoat. I don't think Hamish Bowles could pull that off. Maybe Andre Leon Talley or Flusser in his nutty professor stage.
You seem to have a large drop (good for you, I have a large drop in the opposite direction) and the cut is ascentuating it. If that is the look you are going for, no harm, but I would prefer slightly smaller shoulders and a more relaxed waist/hips. Your shape will still come through, but it will be more subdued. And the collar is a bit too big for you.
New Posts  All Forums: