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Ed Rogers was on TV right now alleging that a "mutiny" is brewing in the Trump camp and that RNC has lawyers going through its bylaws on what it would take to replace him as nominee I'm the classic "more liberal than conservatives and more conservative than liberals" and its sad to see such an important event for our country become such a joke on both sides, although the GOP seems to want to outcrazy everyone. Its sad that we got to the point where our choice for...
My hierarchy of internet douchiness/pretentiousness/knowitallness:1. VegaNazi2. Coffee "lovers"3. Atheists4. SJW'sSJW's are 4 because they are relatively new on the scene but they are making a strong, strong push to move up.
The 100% cashmere gunclub
I am picking up this 100% cashmere houndstooth gunclub tomorrow but I am being offered the whole piece and its more than I need. Its a good deal (PM for price) its from an English mill (no selvage) and was made for a tailor/retailer that is going through some issues so they reneged. Its about 10oz., the base is a dark cream/light brown and the houndstooth design are shades of brown. The houndstooth windowpane is in blue. Typically you find these fabrics with three or more...
I asked the customer to send me the contact info on the person he spoke to at Eurotex because emailing them is a waste of time.
Another one
In the funding process:Next up is this tobacco super fine twill cotton:
Seersucker popover CEGO
100% cashmere houndstooth gunclub. Various shades of brown with blue overcheck, 10/11oz, English mill, 60 inch width. $100/yd for scale: Group pic: The first one is a Kiton cashmere/linen/silk blend. It has a faint herringbone, dry finish, good for a spring/summer suit, sportcoat, etc. Its a greyish brown $90/yd English Solaro, if you know what this is you don't need a description and if you don't know, probably best not to buy it. $90/yd Loro Piana...
Yes recently made for customers.
New Posts  All Forums: