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I play occasionally. BTW, while all this Lebron/Melo crap has been happening, did anyone notice that the Rockets got substantially worse than last year
There is that which we know we like and that which we know we don't like yet so much that we do not know we like.
Not really a beer drinker but I read the description on this and it sounded like something I would like and I did like it, very nice.
That looks great, mind if I use it on my tumblr?
Well now the LeBron dominoe has fallen, I think the next question on everyone's mind is, where will Anthony Tolliver end up ?
Seriously?? This is bigger news than LeBron. I'm a Lakers fan now too.I would not be surprised if Melo now chooses Bulls and I don't know why Cleveland would want Love. You have scorers on the team now with LeBron/Irving/Wiggins/Waiters and you can develop Bennett. What they need is some veteran bench help and some D.
I'm hoping this teaches Melo how to adjust your game to make others and the team better.I'm also hoping Houston signs Bosh, so that they trade Lin to Philly (where he'll probably get a lot of run and I think do well) and that would probably keep Stats here instead of Philly taking him. I like Stats work ethic in changing his game , his dedication to staying in shape, and I think he'll have a big year assuming he stays healthy, which I know is a big assumption.
So Lebron announced Cleveland
It was great seeing you guys, hope to do this again soon!
The boots will be great for the northeastern winters. I always loved that style of shoe, which was popularized by Heschung (NMWA whats up ) and the JM Weston hunt shoe. Its not for everyone but I think its a beautiful style of shoe/boot. I am thinking of doing it in various moose leathers/suedes.While we are on it, another shoe I am testing out for fall is this DM in navy blue scotch grain with goyser:http://www.budayshoes.com/shoes/en/Frakno2/FR2-01.htmlThe derbies are...
New Posts  All Forums: