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Eric Glennie would smash this ish.
down to just a few items left so I'll extend it through today for anyone who missed it. Same code, FATHER, to get 20% off.
No permanent coupon, actually rarely do any sales but there is 20% off ties and pants today with code "father". Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.
Just kopped this for a self Fathers Day gift, trying more of that Islay smoke flavor. My guy said this is very good, no longer being made and that I'd enjoy the taste.
Dropping these down to $525 shipped USA/Canada. $25 more for overseas.
Hi P,I'm responding here to this post and your ebay question. On the Buda, I would go with the 9.5, you may need a 10 but I doubt it. In regards to your other questions, no duties from me, 4-6 week timeframe. You may also want to take a look at the Buday shoes on my site, since you like the goyser stitching.
yes, reiter sized in UK
I'm discontinuing these shoes from my site so giving people here a discount on them. They are goodyear welted, leather lined, made in Austria. The shell cordovan is from Horween, Reiter calls the color Dark Tan, its a dark brown with a smidge of red undertones. Not as red as #8 cordovan. Shoes come with box and bag, no trees. For sizing, I've been recommending sizing down 1/2 size to most people. Last is classic almond shaped, not too elongated and not blobby. Very...
Well I bought the Laga 16 because people whose taste are similar to mine recommended it over things like Ardberg and Laphroiag but keep in mind that I am more into sweet than smoky and they knew this. I may try a Laphroiag but not really sure yet that I like this heavily peated scotches, I find myself pulled towards scotches finished in bourbon/port/sherry woods.
just had some Laga 16 for the first time, jesus, its like drinking liquid smoke, my fire alarm almost went off. Will pick up a Distillers Edition and see what that is like.
New Posts  All Forums: