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don't fret, gentlemen in the know substitute a wool sock for a wool ps.
Has anyone seen Voxsartoria I hope he is OK, he is missed.
wool pants with the cord jacket just does not go, regardless if they are flannel. You need cotton/moleskin or make it a suit. Also a pocket square makes no sense to me with that jacket. What shoes are you wearing? If you tell me oxfords in calf I may faint.
Knicks winning 45-47 games this year. Wiz and Toronto overrated, although Wiz are better than Toronto.
"jumper" is by far the worse, whenever I hear an American say that I cringe.
instead of tp, if you can use a white sock, you'll hold a place dear in voxsartoria's heart.TP is more typically used as a tchotcke in a display case on this forum.
Charcoal trousers and a white pocket square would have made that outfit.
H&S 10oz worsted cashmere is about half that price, give or take.
How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 voxsartoria's ?
So many posts and words when a simple "what does Voxsartoria say" would have sufficed
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