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You seem to have a large drop (good for you, I have a large drop in the opposite direction) and the cut is ascentuating it. If that is the look you are going for, no harm, but I would prefer slightly smaller shoulders and a more relaxed waist/hips. Your shape will still come through, but it will be more subdued. And the collar is a bit too big for you.
Not unlike Styleforum.
When in doubt, wear jacket bottomless (like the good doctor does below), it is the litmus test on jacket shortness
Yunbw, You would be a 7 UK in the Frakno last. Only you can decide whether you prefer 1 $500 shoe or 2-$300 shoes, either way it's a big investment for an 18 year old. If your shoe wardrobe is not extensive, getting 2 shoes would probably be the smart choice. The reality is that if you take good care of your shoes, they will last you fir many years, be they Allen Edmonds or Buday. Since you asked comparables, I would say Vass is the easiest comparison to make to Buday...
Thanks but what about the shoes?
Recent orders/makeups (Massdrop is running a Buday drop : Museum calf, 270 degree welt, Vibram Gumlite sole. Oxblood shell brogues Tobacco shell budapesters Green calf budapesters Blue hatch oxford wieners Blue hatch norwegers Blue hatch PTB's Blue hatch budapesters Tobacco shell PTB's
Besides (me ) the buying and selling subforum here (and in this thread you'll see special run offerings), minnis sells direct (https://www.hfwltd.com), there are a few other huddersfield mills that sell direct, these guys have a nice variety https://www.scotweb.co.uk some Irish mills etc. A simple search on Google or the buying and selling forum will probably get you more fabric options then you need.
For patterns, buy your own fabric, you'll still probably pick up one or two that you end up not liking, but it's better to waste money on 2 meters of fabric that you never use then to have a jacket made that you never wear or dislike. For solids, you should be looking at greys/blues/browns so that's not really too difficult, worse case should be something not the exact shade you thought it was. If you wear suits outside of the "normal" colors, then you may want to get your...
Story is now that they got into a fight at a gas station, broke a bunch of crap, were held at gunpoint by a security guard for the police, poice never showed up, they gave money to the gas station and were let go.Lochte probably saw this as an opportunity for some attention whoring, hence why he gave an exclusive interview to Billy Bush, rather than news outlets and why the other two guys were suspiciously quiet throughout this.
Bernie is middle class I mean maybe on styleforum, where the minimum salary any SFer would take is $250K/year but he makes at least 180K annually in salary, owns a home in Vermont and one in DC and his wife was a college president for a number of years (making at least 100K annually), although no longer. If 6 figure annual salaries and 1-2 home ownership were solidly middle class in this country, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump would have not even made it to their...
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