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I'm going to be putting up a bunch of cloth for sale from various mills over the next few days/weeks (in the B&S) and I started today with this Drapers if anyone is interested, very nice fabric and Drapers is not as widely carried as other mills.
I'll be clearing out some fabrics over the next few days. First up is this beautiful Drapers from their Five Stars book. Terrific pattern, woolen, soft finish, 12/13oz. I can't recall if its a wool/cashmere blend, as it feels that way, but its a wonderful cloth. Various shades of brown,with a rusty orange overcheck. Retail on this is around $150 a yard, selling for $80/yard shipped. Pic with chambray shirting fabric, which I also am selling Works with grey or...
One pair each of three Buday models that I will no longer be carrying. Price includes shipping to North America, +$45 shipped overseas. Suede Cap Toe's, Frakno last leather sole, flush metal toe, lasted shoes trees: Size 9 UK, which fits a size 10 US. $450 Length 12 1/4 X Width 4 3/8 Blue Scotch Grain double monks, Frakno2 last, double leather sole, flush toe plate, goiser welting, lasted trees. Size 8 UK, fits size 9-9.5 US. $425 (SOLD) Length 12 1/8 x...
3 season will depend on where you live but Crispaire makes up very nice, sportcoat or suit.My go to workhorse H&S now is the City of London stuff. 13-14oz. Really nice, great feel and drape to the fabric and nice colors. Classic Worsted is perfectly fine also. You can't go wrong with either.
Here are some H&S Crispaire lengths: And for those of you not afraid of technical fabrics, these are calvary twills in s120's merino wool and "techlana"
Is that a windsor knot? Looks better than I would have guessed. Also, interesting that the 8cm tie here does not look emaciated, I'm assuming you are not a hipster waif. BTW, I only had 2 of these on the site and they sold right away.
No idea what you guys are talking about.
If you guys come up with some contest, I'll do like a 3 pack of ties (cashmere, silk, whatever) to the winner.
Here is some Crispaire. I have about half a dozen of the solids coming to me Mon/Tues, I'll post the pics. I'll have my Crispaire book back next week and can post better pics. If anyone wants to order any Crispaire, just send me a PM.
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