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Only if you can come up with a catchy slogan akin to "Feeling the Burn" or "Don't vote for the nut on the left or the nut on the right, vote for the Johnson in the middle"
oknot sure if the "you" here is the universal you or me specifically but I don't recall mentioning that I voted for Obama. And yes Bush and Obama have been the only two Presidents in US history to have a favorable relationship with the Saudis or any other country that ha been implicit in causing Americans harm and only Gary Johnson can save us from it.
You are being obtuse. Of course 9/11 was a horrible event and most of the perpetrators were Saudi, but what did we do the Saudi Arabia post 9/11 with Bush in the WH? You really think that we haven't punished Saudi Arabia due to Bush's incompetence or Obama's allegiance to Islam? You act like there is no relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia and while we may hate it, it doesn't take a hard long look to realize that we pretty much defend Saudi Arabia come hell or...
America has worshipped the Saudis for at least the past 3-4 Administrations. There are obviously multiple reasons for this, from oil to what we want to believe is a stabilizing force in the Mideast but to act like any US Administration in recent memory hasn't kowtowed to the Saudis is a bit silly.
The question I would have liked to hear her asked as she came out of the Chelsea's apartment would have been, "Hillary, how can Chelsea afford to own a $10mln apartment when she's never had a real job and her husband's hedge fund went belly up? "
Subjectively, 3 button peak is only slightly better than 4 button notch. Peaks ideal configuration is 1 button and 2 is fine. Also subjectively, the puckering at the lapel edges is overwrought, I am assuming it's purposely stitched that tight to get the puckering but that's a situation where less is more. Objectively, the collar is pretty bad, the seams where it attaches to the lapels are pretty messy, again I'm assuming for a desire to show that it's hanstitched.
The older gentleman has an easy going elegance, the guy with the hat in the first pic, that suit is a disaster.
I was in S.Carolina/North Carolina/Virginia a few weeks back and I ate strawberries (and peaches) from roadside stands that were a uppercut to the balls. Just knocked me out flavorwise, have never had anything remotely close from the farmers mkts/whole foods/boutique grocers ever. Its like what I was eating as strawberries all my life was one big lie.
I didn't "get it" (I'm a meat and potatoes guy) but its reasonably priced. One word of warning, the owner is Canadian Its the culinary equivalent of going to a Hong Kong tailor and getting a Hunstman, Cifonelli and Rubinacci styled suit made.
A direct answer to your question (without knowing much about what you are looking for), I would not get that suit/style. A single vent suit with 5 buttonholes on the sleeve is not what I would consider classic (the single vent is, although very much out of favor right now, the 5 buttons are just too much). If you are simply looking for a 2 button notch lapel suit with relatively strong shoulders and a slim cut, yes you can get that made for you for $2500.BTW, I was not...
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