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well, I won't say too much about everything since I am obviously biased but two things that stand out for me about this outfit.Stitch has a few "loud" items (tie, square and shoes to an extent) but you still appreciate the overall look as opposed to one item really sticking out. Thats is not as easy to do as it sounds. A lot of times people want to wear one or two FU items and it winds up overwhelming the overall look. He is alse wearing a BD collar shirt with a DB,...
No, please, thank you.
This is not about the things on stitches feet but...........I don't know if that is true about SW&D but I will say that there used to be a lot more attention paid to proportion, color/fabric coordination, body type etc on this side of the fence then there is now. Experimenting is great but what is even better is knowing when an experiment fails and why it fails. Re-hashing this again but if at the end of the day it comes down to simply, "its my money, I like it, who...
I asked her if I could gift a massage with release for edinatlanta, she deadpanned, "you don't have that kind of money".
When will the doctor take the casts off your feet?
They wear those awful khaki's and polo shirts. Whenever they try and hand me a card, whether its a girl or guy, I ask "does this message come with release?". That typically gets them to get away from me. One time a young girl that obviously had no idea what I was talking about replied yes with a big smile on her face. Now that i think about it, maybe she did know what I was talking about
I didn't say Woodson's defense was good, just that it requires a different type of team. When you are playing a traditional team, like the Pacers, and your point guard ends up guarding their power forward whenever there is a switch, you need to change what you are doing. Anyway, Woodson is gone, look for Jackson to bring in someone who has played for him. I think there is a 50% chance Jackson coaches for one year, regardless of what he has said, to ease in whoever the...
Jason Kidd was specifically pointed out by Phil Jackson as being the reason why Melo was better (for Phil) last year than this year. Also, no Novack, he only did one thing but when he was on the floor, even if he wasn't shooting, the other team had to have a player stick like glue to him, that opens up a whole side of the floor. 3 point shooting this year has been bad.But the biggest issue has been Woodson's rotations and defensive schemes. He plays a defense which this...
My preference for a cotton suit would be a lighter shade in a plain cotton garbadine, I am not a fan of patterened cotton. Also, looking at that pic, the saturation is way up on it (look at his hands and face), probably to get the solaro effect, the actual shade/effect is probably different.
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