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So my first time watching the video. So many great things going on. First, 8 ball's slap game is LEGIT. Doesn't cock his arm back, doesn't just take a little jab at her. Arm up, elbow bent at 90 degree angle and comes down on her face flush. That is someone that has commanded respect from his slaps. Second, the white knight that goes at it with him, not sure if he is a friend of the girls or not. But nice 2 man fisticuff action there. Then the two dudes that tried calming...
I was about to ask you if you had visited recently:http://gothamist.com/2014/11/08/photo_area_man_rides_subway_wearing.php
Four coats for sale, all have pretty similar details. Plaid NSM bespoke 100% wool sportcoat, 3roll2, 2 patch, chest welt, 1/4 lined, side vents. $350 (would be a 40ish in RTW) Shoulders- 19 Sleeve - 24 Armpit to Armpit - 22 Lapel - 4 Length from BOC - 29 7/8 Waist across middle button - 19 1/4 Houndstooth NSM 100% wool bespoke sportcoat 3roll2, 2 patch, chest welt, 1/4 lined, side vents. $350 (would be a 42ish in RTW) Shoulders- 19 1/4 Sleeve - 24 Armpit to Armpit...
if you like plumcot's, you'll love cumplot's
scarves this weekend or so, pants a bit longer, MTO's and custom orders have been eating up our time. I'll post pics of the fabrics though here later today, flannels/tweeds etc. ANd while we are at it, madder, cashmere and silk ties shortly too.
I don't disagree but I also don't want to excuse the diner's responsibilty of being a big boy and not just going into a casino steak house, where even the most inexperienced diner knows they mark up wine like 100x1 and asking for a bottle of wine and not looking at the price/list. She may have been making a "funny" and then thought that the gy was a baller. I've been to expense account dinners where the host, knowing nothing about anything, picks out ridiculously priced...
Assuming it went down as he says, then the restaurnat should have eaten the cost of the bottle. But who knows what really happened and I've never been in a situation where we ask the waitress (!) to recommend a bottle of wine without looking at a wine list. Sometimes the diner's in these stories are full of shit, there was a similar viral story that made the rounds many years ago about some chocolate chip cookie recipe or something at a restaurant where the diner asked...
probably because paypal holds funds for some people, above a certain amount and because the minute a buyer has an "issue", paypal freezes the money on the seller's account and can very easily defraud the seller.
last call on these.
I hate to burst your bubble about mafoofan but that Wii Fit Balance Board under his white sofa? Its just for show, he doesn't actually use it!! I was devastated when I learned that, as I am sure you are now.
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