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about AAS's feet
Typically don'r drink or make dinner on weekdays but today was a good day so did both. Started out with this riesling, inexpensive and nice, a bit mineraly, a bit vegetal on the nose, very clean fruit going down Followed up with this with dinner: Will have a bit of this before bedtime
OK, those details you mention are pretty standard/classic blazer details though. On the gorge, I believe the exact opposite as you, the more sloped your shoulders, the worse a high gorge looks as it accentuates your shoulders and the gorge looks like its pulling up past your shoulder line. Anyway, just a difference in opinion.
Its interesting that you say that as I find that gorge ideal and push my customers to get something closer to that than what is more the norm today.
Final price drop on Trickers (all Dinkelackers sold)
One last bump and price drop.
BTW, I am not debating the findings of that article, and if I was a coach and came across that, I would probably set up a few plays to take advantage of that. And the author doesn't come out and say, teams should take tons of corner 3's but I just find it lazy that he doesn't think to write about why the corner 3 may be the most unguarded shot on the floor and that it would probably be better guarded if it becomes a big part of team offenses. Also, I think for some stats,...
well I wouldn't want him taking corner 3's and before I would say that he should shoot more threes overall, I'd like to see how him doing that effects the flow of the offensive system, what that means for our defensive transition and offensive rebounding. Simply saying, he shoots 42% on 3's and he should shoot more 3's is incomplete to me.
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