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same as gomestar, about $50.
I would posit that Westbrook is holding back Durant/OKC
there isn't enough money in the new contract to make me want to don that awful wiz/bullets kit.
huge NBA TV contract. All of a sudden Melo's deal looks like a bargain.
I am going to have to take the shipping route, I can't meet up that early on Wed. Let me know if you want to go through that hassle and how I can pay you.
what time? and what is the best way to store once I get them home?
I'll kop some but not sure that I can (or want ) to meet with you guys on Wed. I can send you shipping info, but how can I pay?
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt??? AF is back!!!!!!!!1
I once saw Spoo bring back to life a dead Unicorn by simply en-robing it in LuxeSwap wrapping paper.
New Posts  All Forums: