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I'm perfectly fine with Dunkin Donuts.
those Buday are $950, that's nuts!! Oh, wait a minute.... If by versatile boots you are looking for something to wear with odd jacket fits, jeans/cords/khaki's, I would much prefer something in suede than something in any leather, but thats just me.
wow, C&J's are $750 for rubber soled leather now??? I need to raise my prices.
Think Reggie Evans. Not going to take you over the hump, but definitely a useful bench piece. Plus he brings the beard.
look up a video of Acy rejecting a Dwight Howard dunk, that alone should keep him in the NBA.
they needed to move a guard (ellington) and a big (tyler), as they have too many players there. I doubt Outlaw stays with the team, if he does he'll be so deep in the bench that you'll never really see him on camera. Acy wil provide some hustle/defense for the second unit, something we don't have. So not a earth shattering trade but it addressed a need the Knicks had. As someone else said. "this was an odorless fart of a trade". Although, I did like Tyler. He has a nice...
The Reid and Taylor is around 12 ounces (its a 4.5 yd piece and weighs just under 4 lbs)The blue/black has dry finish like the thornproof, weight is in the 11-12oz range and weave is maybe slightly more porous than thornproof:
There is no spoon.
at least that's what she told you while you guys were dating.
No, new restaurants would sous vide it, shape it like a spinach leaf, nitrogen blast it, serve it on a himalayan salt block and charge you $32. And it would taste worse than the steakhouse spinach.
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