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Except that DRose has played 20 games the last two years and there is a very real possibility of him getting injured again. And then it's Carmelo, Joakim and a 50 year old Pau. As bad as the Knicks may be this year, they've got all the money in the world to retool next year. If things don't go as planned in Chicago, what is their flexibility over the next 2-3 years?From the rumors and stories that the NY media has been putting out, it sounds like they are going to try...
the problem with him as the 4 is that, by the end of games, he was done. Had nothing left (worse clutch shooting of his career) and I think the triangle flows better with the 2/3 being the one you run the offense through and him at the three gives more time to stats/bargs, which I know sounds like a joke to everyone, but those guys last year (when healthy, which was like 20 games) played well.
You may not know this, but I am a big Knicks fan.If you were to create a player in a lab that would be the ideal fit for the mighty triangle, the player would most likely look like Carmelo. He can handle the ball, score from anywhere on the court, has great size, create his own shot and commands double teams. In a theoretical world, he is a better player to build the triangle from than Kobe and Jordan (and please, before anyone gets their panties bunched up, I am not...
yeah, I don't like fancy squares to begin with and I agree with Doc.
I love the G Wagen, an acquiantance has a one, turbo, a beautiful loden green paint job with a cream leather interior, black wheels. Nothing wrong with a little understated flash I wasn't accusing you of russian oligarch G wagon (gold wrap, chrome as fas as the eye can see)
I was going to guess a vintage SL, but the leather and everything looks too new and you don't strike me as a vintage car guy. Then I was going to guess a new pimped out G Wagen, which seems to be more in line with what you drive, but I checked the pics online and thats not a G dashboard.
30% if I am not mistaken.
^^ Nice pents.
This is probably the most excited I've been about a Knicks season in a long time.
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