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Have you tried eating it after cooking
Somewhere in the vast expanse of the internet, there is a NickCarraway extolling the virtues of the Roque/Moorhead ticket and posting all of their obscure endorsements.
There is a way for Trump to expand his base:http://www.mofopolitics.com/2016/09/28/crunch-time-trump-40-days-pass-cocktail-party-test/
Substitute jalapeno for ginger root in a Figging.
No idea where to put this but its from a Canadian TV station so this is as good a place as any. wonder if at bedtime he was a top goat or bottom goat http://mashable.com/2016/09/27/news-anchor-loses-it-man-goat/#0VwViOUBagqs
there were mulitple things yesterday from both that were the strangest I've seen on a debate stage. But I guess that is a tertiary point of this election, the joke is on us. Also, personally and anecdotally, I think this Trump/Hispanic thing is overblown. It wouldn't surprise me if he gets +40% of the hispanic vote that actually shows up to vote.
I just recently opened up a bottle of Ardberg Alligator and I loved it, if you are a fan of Islay and can find the Alligator, its terrific. Now just waiting on the 21 year old Ardberg.
Mid tier Biella, Italy mill. They make mostly for private label and stores like Brooks Brothers, Saks private label, Suit Supply etc. Perfectly serviceable but nothing that is going to blow you away.
Biscotti, this girl must be super hot.
Cream moleskins are in. 20oz on top and 14 1/2 on bottom, will make great winter pants.
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