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***they should be ordered 2 inches****
**they should be 2 inches***
well, the crotch fits well the difference in fit between the two is not that big, the upper block on the Heritage is a bit bigger (seat/rise) since they are cut to be worn higher on your waist, through the leg, the Heritage may be 1/4-1/2 inch slimmer. The significant difference is that the Heritage is made to be a made to measure model, meaning that it can be cut to fit any measurements and we can do any waist style. So you order a pair and it fits/doesn't fit/you...
any chance of getting White Castle to cater the whole thing?
anyone interested in some nice mid grey flannel, I posted some on B&S
H&S classic flannel, super 100's, 11/12oz weight. Beautiful flannel, my preference over Fox. Foggier and sturdier. $90/yd fox on the left, H&S on the right White cotton seersucker shirting, very nice different than typical seersucker. $25/yd
only pics I have left
Shell Marlows are now $1000
Thanks. For the upcoming colder weather, just posted some Zegna overcoating and Zegna heavyweight calvary twill:
Zegna wool/cashmere coating fabric, about 19/20oz. Vintage fabric that makes up great, $300 for a 3 yard piece (SOLD) how it looks (partially) made up: Reid and Taylor vintage tweed. Soft finish blue/brown houndstooth, fall/winter weight. 3+ yds, $150 Vintage Zegna (no selvage) calvary twill wool, 18/19oz. Makes up great as winter trousers or a covert coat. This is better than all the other Calvary Twills that I currently see from the english makers, its...
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