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From recent batch of cloths, a funded pair of pants: a 270 gram faux tweed that gives you the look of a heavy tweed but in a lighter weight and with a soft, smooth finish.
Yak may be but this piece is for sportcoats, too soft for trousers. Which reminds me of the mom Yak that walked into her sons room in shock and asked him " what are you doing?!?!?" and the son replied, "Yaking off!"
100% cashmere gunclub funded
Justed posted a bunch of Zegna fabrics, cashmere, cashmere blends and Yak.
A bunch of gorgeous Zegna fabrics for sale. Great for sportcoats or suits, most are winter weight fabrics. Zegna fabrics range in the $200-300 a yard range, selling here for $70/yd shipped. First up is this beautiful hopsack for spring/summer, its a 49%Linen/32%Wool/19%Silk blend. 2.25 yard piece, $140 Super 120's VBC navy flannel mini houndstooth, beautiful. classic suiting fabric. $70/yd Brown PoW fabric with light blue overcheck, 100% wool, milled in...
They are shipping to me tomorrow and should be at Massdrop warehouse sometime mid to end of next week.
Only the size 34 is left in the grey donegal and size 30 and 34 left in the brown tweed.
Migrating my site and not adding anything to the current site so selling some new ties and pants on here with a small discount. Heritage pants: Measurements in inches Size 30 Waist 30 Rise 11 1/4 Thigh 12 1/2 Knee 8 1/4 Leg opening 7 /12 Unfinished inseam 36 Size 32 (SOLD OUT) Waist 32 Rise 11 1/2 Thigh 12 7/8 Knee 9 Leg opening 7 3/4 Unfinished inseam 36 Size 34 Waist 34 Rise 11 1/2 Thigh 13 1/2 Knee 9 Leg opening 7 7/8 Unfinished inseam 36 Worsted English...
Any issues, please contact me and I'll take care of it.
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