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responding on behalf of voxsartoria, he is sorry but he will not be able to make it tonight.
I must be the only human being on the planet that does not get or like Mexican food.
This is from Grantland and its pretty much where I come down on Love and Lebron:"These are the obvious details everyone will mention when considering this hypothetical. But I would still stick with Wiggins, and my reasons are threefold:1. I am not totally convinced Love is much more than an incredibly skilled fantasy player. He certainly might be, but how could we possibly know (based on experience)? Such a move would still be a gamble. He doesn’t protect the rim. He seems...
Coack K says that because he doesn't have to coach the Cavs and have his balls to the fire if they mortgage away their future and don't win anything with Love. Once they trade for Love (and give him a max contract), they are stuck with that team for 5 years. Actually, I think Lebron can leave and then the Cavs become Minnesota East. If its true that Minn. wants Wiggins/Bennet/Next year's number 1 and Waiters, I'd tell them to go phuck themselves.
thats that Fedora Lounge costume party right?
you wacky Brits, outside of Benny Hill, I never know what you guys are saying!!!
I need to hire Spoo to name my products.
Dwayne Shitz...... whatever his name was, was a crazy mofo. Detlef Schrempf was a bad ass on the court (and was good in that Parks and Rec episode), he was on those Seattle teams which could never get over the hump (kind like OKC now). I'm too lazy to look this up but I see that Bledsoe is a restricted free agent and the Suns say they will match whatever (although the got IT2 ). So it seems that this is keeping away teams for putting in a contract offer to him. So...
is you are basing it on skills, no way you put Shaq ahead of Kobe. Shaq's "skill" was being both an immovable beast and fast for his position. Once he lost his speed/strength, he was done. Kobe is still playing and producing at an elite level (well, until the injuries). If he comes back to "normal", he'll probably have another 2-4 years of 20ppg average. That's skill, cause he isn't beating anyone on speed or strength. Also, I love Bird but I think I take Kobe over him....
I wasn't aware of the Kobe haters contingent until recently. I now as much about the Lakers as I do about any other team other than the Knicks (which means not too much) and I get that people feel he is screwing the team's cap for the next two years but isn't this the guy that came into the league at 18, has played his whole career there, has won 5 championships, is arguably a top 5 all time player and who plays injured and plays 110% when he is on the court? Has...
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