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You're not missing anything. Unless being stuck in a room with a bunch of annoying, gen x transplants is your idea of a good time.Someone recently invited me to an adult "hide and seek" game. I almost kicked her in the babymaker.
^^ You're such a boss, boss.
I think everyone should wear Breamish year round.
Did I say $600's, I think I meant $700's (but I'll stick to the $699 for the initial boots if anyone does want to order) Here are the tobacco cordovan derby's on the feet of a man that really needs no introduction..............
^^ I like the first one, I am making up something similar for myself now. I don't know abouut the second one, seems to have one button only and the lapel situation is too much for me. Wish he would take a pic wearing the coats normally.
Yeah, its good stuff.Saw Need for Speed, wish I hadn't, but the cars were cool.Also saw Young Frankenstein again, this time with my kids.
red/white seersucker by Zegna which I think was used by Tom Ford a few seasons back. A popover for the summer would be sweet or if you have cojones, a spread collar dress shirt, for a nice texture addition to an outfit. I have a few shirt lengths (2 yds, 60 inch width fabric) available (empty, I have yours on the side), PM for deets.
No one puts me on the spot!!!I'm not a stylist, I'm not a tailor, not a designer, don't consider myself a salesman. I own a brand that sells clothing, ready to wear and custom. I like to think that what I bring to the table is a certain aesthetic. Its traditional, its somewhat boring, somewhat FU and its not the latest and greatest. I won't do something that I dislike nor something that I have no experience in (fishtail trousers for example)I don't really care for names...
Well obviously I don't know what Luca was specifically talking about, and the thought of dressing Kazakstanian politicians sends shivers down my spine but I think he may mean that every individual is just that to them, an individual. They obviously have a house style but they adjust it (be it lapel size, sleeve width, chest, etc) to what best fits that customer. And that thought process continues through the fabric selection, the details etc. Should a Kazakstan...
I'll just make a quick comment and then disappear into the ether. I agree more with Luca then I do with you. An important aspect of picking a tailor is how their house style jives with both what you are looking for and how that style fits in with you. The second point is something that I think not enough people consider (sorry, not everyone looks great in a napoli style). To address Luca's point, the other thing that few people consider is, what is the tailor's personal...
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