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Funny thing is, the WF is in a mall and everyone tries to park as close as possible to the stores so that they don't have to walk. I always find parking simply by taking a spot furthest away from the mall entrance. I need to walk a minute or so to get to the WF but you would think that people shopping for healthy food would not mind the walk.In terms of ogling, this WF is pretty good in the trophy wife sense. There is a local, hardcore granola/vegan place close to me that...
I went to a TJ's once, I didn't "get it". Everything seems to be their house brand and I don't get all the frozen stuff. I much prefer Whole Foods. You can get your produce, meat, bakery, alcohol (great under $20 wine selection) and grab lunch, all in one place. Its also not crazy crowded.
hey wait a minute, I think I know you.......
RLPL/EG Carter's on the 808 last 9 1/2 / 10 E. This is the same shoe as the EG Dover, but on the 808 last and without the heel counter HAF soles. Shoes are mint, I have worn them less than 5 times and have the rubber taps on the toes and heels, and they have not been worn through. No scratches/nicks, shoes just need a shine and you are good to go. This shoe is no longer made and I can't remember when one was last for sale. Shoes come with the RLPL shoe trees. $600...
who maintains your poop deck
figure I'd give this a go
its 6x2, its just buttoned/rolled to 6x1. its one of the italian things that people like to do.
what did I say.
as a Knicks fan, I don't care about the the 22K to Fisher but the 28K to Charles Smith
Jackson bought an apartment on 57th st ($5mln), he'll be living here for the season. Lets let the season play out before anointing Cleveland or Chicago anything, there are a lot of moving pieces on both. As to who the Knicks are targeting, Marc Gasol makes the most sense. Milsap would fit in nicely (melo/gasol/milsap), as would Monroe. Then there is Dragic, Wes Matthews also available. The Knicks are going to clear more space, before the end of the year, depending on...
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