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with the talk of seersucker I went through my stuff and will be letting go of the navy 100% cotton seersucker below (on the left, french blue on the right I only have a suit length of and am keeping)
and a grave.
Pardessus is for overcoats, not pants. Wearing 25-27oz fabric as pants, unless you are trying to lose weight, is not a good idea. Plus you would have to line them all the way as the fabric would feel scratchy on your skin. H&S has an off white flannel twill in 17-18oz IIRC.
the guys that were awaiting the hemp/linen blend fabric, sorry but they decided not to send it to me I did get this Irish "donegal" grey linen, about 10oz:
I have a couple of pieces of H&S 98% super 140's, 1% cashmere, 1% mink 12oz flannel that was for a project that has been canned. The cashmere and mink add a very luxurious feel to the fabric and the weight gives a great drape. Grey flannel and Inky Blue/Pearl Grey Chalkstripes
too much stem/shaft for my tastes
I have a terrific Zegna lighter than navy blue cotton seersucker fabric. Feels like a lightweight wool, I think I posted it here before. Will get it made up eventually. Wool seersucker seems gimmicky to me. It's supposed to be a carefree, easy going summer fabric.
A customer sent me this terrific cotton fabric for a sportcoat. I've never heard of the brand, don't think they are a mill but could be. Name is Eurotex, they are in Italy and they call this "silky cotton", which is a pretty apt description. Feels and drapes like a lightweight supers wool, really nice. Reaching out to them to see if they can send me some books but they obviously also sell retail: Also, put up this inner mongolian cashmere and linen fabric on B&S
I read that as "suppository"
Thanks. Unfinished inseam is 37-38 inches on all but the two 34's are sold.
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