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This is probably the most excited I've been about a Knicks season in a long time.
Bamboo here is a list (which doesn't show bamboo) http://www.corniche.org.uk/blog/fabric-abbreviations/
Got some vintage Zegna wool/cash ready to rock for an overcoat, really nice cafe au lait color.
[quote name="capnwes" url="/t/9006/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread/111480_10#post_7302707[/URL] [/quote] is the pigskin wallet/clutch listed in your store?
Have you seen anything from Allegri?
Barbour does not (or at least anything that you would want to wear) but they do a lot of collabs with hipster brands so you may find something. You can always do a cotton/techno fabric raincoat from Allegri
stitch, just get a Barbour quilt or waxed cotton, and call it a day.
I don't really care (although I feel bad for the family of the young driver) and it does look bad for Tony but people are letting emotions get in the way of objectivity. Driving at night, on paved city streets, you sometimes get caught by surprise by a pedestrian that you did not see, until you are very close. Maybe he was in a spot of the street that was not well lit, maybe his clothes etc. but it happens. Now imagine driving on a dirt road, at night, very fast with...
Not good. And I say that as someone who has pretty nuch the same coat going to luxeswap.
I think you are buying into the picture a bit too much (although I have not seen the show or the coat). There is a lot of fabric in that coat, particularly the back. If you are tall and skinny, it fells you out nicely. If you are not tall and skinny, not sure it works as well. Its all fun and games until you are wearing a 10 pound coat.
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