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2 cuts coming in January, Signature (classic cut, not too slim or too baggy) and Heritage (slim, one piece back, higher construction level). 2-3 guys have been keeping me busy the last few months with MTO pant's so haven't had the time for the RTW stuff.
I was like, he is wearing them outside and in the rain and he wants to exchange!!!!! that is my favorite shoe because of its versatility and the style is one that I think you can do in multiple leathers or suedes and it will all work.If they could make 2-3 clones of you and your shopping habits, you guys would singlehandedly support every vendor that exists in the SF universe.
Fox suede:http://www.aacrack.co.uk/catalogue.asp?product_id=40
One last pair for sale at a clearance price, no returns on these. Shoes are new and unworn, come in box with shoe bags. Cognac Shell Cordovan (Horween), triple JR Redenbach sole, flush brass toe. Size 9.5UK which translates to a 10.5 US. $500 shipped in North America, $35 more overseas.
Derbies in the wild.Note to self: answer Frank Cowperwood questions immediately.
New arrivals 2nd-3rd week of Jan. Shell derbies not being restocked this time, they are being made in reverse fox suede (and maybe hatch grain, I don't even remember what I ordered anymore). Any shoe can be MTO'd for no additonal cost but would need to be ordered in the next week or so in order to come with the Jan. shipment. There are about half a dozen different MTO's coming, stuff that I am not putting in inventory so I'll post pics of those. The Derby last and shoe...
^^ You really, really like spelt.
Derbies coming in fox reverse suede, short wings in hatch grain, budapesters in oxblood cordovan and some boots in something.
1. 2 yds of Zegna Trofeo mid grey flannel ($150), good for pants. 2. 2 1/4 yds of Loro Piana wool/silk/cashmere for a sportcoat ($200) 3. 2 yds of Minnis brown price of wales ($100) 4. 4 1/2 yds of brown plaid Zegna Wool/Cashmere, good for a suit or sportcoat. $320 (or $160 for 2 1/4 yds sportcoat length) 5. Zegna wool/cashmere overcoat fabric (about 20oz), I am having an overcoat made for me from this fabric, I have about 6 yds, $135 a yard 6. Red...
So we have had some stats/sabremetrics discussions before and it typically revolves around the 3 point shot. The efficiency of it, how many to take in game (all of them!!) etc but no one ever talks about free throws. When you look at the teams that are considered contenders, Clippers and Rockets for example, would probably win 5 more games a year and get that much closer to a chip if a Howard or Jordan shot better FT's. Also you do away with the Hack a whoever late game...
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