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"sports" are a patriarchal construct, a subconscious fat shaming tool and a exercise in imperialistic, paramilitary capitalism.
I don't understand this new plus size modeling movement or rather, I don't understand why the fashion industry/advertising seems to say that women are one of these two extremes, either 6'1 and 102 pounds or 5'5 and 250 pounds What about all the women in between, which is like 90% of the women that I see on a daily basis?
I don't have an issue with people in power getting their friends/beneficiaries out of trouble, its human nature and it happens across all religious/political/gender/race groups. If that disqualified people from holding office, there would be no one left.My issue with fanatics, is that they are blind and unreasonable, there is no other way but their way. They seem to share a desire to "burn to the ground" whatever issue they are against, there is no middle for them. ...
Elizabeth Warren is a very scary person, borderline fanatical and seems to really love power.
Was there ever a nice sweater worn on the Cosby show and its offshoots
Such a great fabric, jacket came out beautiful.Its 55 wool/45 linen, and either Zegna (pretty sure) or LP, I don't remember which. Its dry and porous, the wool gives it a nice drape and the linen nice texture. I've been trying to get more of it.Its good for up to 65-70 or so degree weather in a low humidity environment, in NYC its an early spring/early fall jacket.
I occasionally use some of my wife's stuff like a foundation or eye cream or face mask (I'm actually a beautiful beast) as I find women's cosmetics to be much better then mens . I don't think they are really looking to "normalize" transgender/non-conforming cultures with this, I think they are trying to get people talking, get a bit of controversy stirred up and get younger guys to think more about make-up. I get that a business needs to drum up as much business as...
So I guess the cosmetics industry figured that since they've convinced teenage girls around the world that they are better looking with tons of makeup on then without, that its time to do the same to teenage boys: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/fashion/covergirl-names-teen-james-charles-coverboy-article-1.2827045
Lil Wayne, you remember him, "hey, hey, hey!"
Possibly, an issue might be that "average" size has gone up a lot, for both men and women. I was watching a documentary on the NYC garment district, one of the people interviewed was talking about how when they fitted Marilyn Monroe, Rita Heyworth etc, those women were size 10-12's back then, he mentioned that with today's sizing convention, they would be 6-8's. I wouldn't be surprised if a size 12 in women's today is 3-4 sizes bigger than what it was 40-50 years ago. I...
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