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Russian Oxblood Hatch Grain
new and unworn, 37 inch unhemmed inseam, flat front, lined to the knee, one back pocket on right side. Calvary Twill wool, heavyweight for winter. size 32 and size 36 $149 Green cotton twill. Size 32 $139
Forgot to mention, these are all new and unworn. Green one is sold.
New with tags Esemplare Orange jacket. Tagged Large but fits medium.
$60 each shipped. New and unworn. 100% silk, 6 fold, self tipped. 3 3/8x58 inches Left, 100% silk, silk tipped, normal construction. 3 1/4 x 57 Right, 100% wool, self tipped, normal construction. 3 1/4 x 57
yes, like the derby, although in boot form it seems more elongated/sleek.
Belts on their way. Brown Buffalo Tall Dress Boot Oxblood Cordovan Budapester
@guyfromhungary, those are all my shoes you are photographing. Some I just got yesterday (first two pics), others coming shortly (hatch grains and suedes)
I'll PM you comparison pics a bit later, thanks for the interest.
Thanks. I have both the scarves you purchased and a different batch of cotton/cashmere scarves that I never got a chance to put up due to just being busy with a lot of business/personal crap. Its late in the season but I'll put them up this weekend.@MurlsquirlDonkey is on its way.
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