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I find the Carmelo haters to be crazier many times than the Carmelo lovers. Anthony Davis/Blake Griffin are now better players than a guy that lead the league in scoring last year, is top 3 this year, can score from anywhere on the court and can play multiple positions and when the Knicks drafted Hardaway I told you guys it was a great pick.
I swear this is my last Knicks post until the All Star break. I'm a Knicktard but I do believe the Knicks represent matchup problems for the Heat, its not a fluke that they are 4-1 against the Heat in the last 5 games. The Knicks have a better bench and can score inside against the Heat, which should also lead to the Knicks winning the rebound war in most games against them, not sure if the stats bear this out. Lebron is obviously the best player on the court but he and...
Howard has had some seredenpity in his career. If he came up at the same time as Ewing/Mourning/Hakeem/O'neil/Robinson, he would not be getting the money that he has gotten.
A healthy Bynum that wants to play would make Howard look like Pervis Ellison. Howard would not know how to defend Bynum's low post moves because in this day and age, he has never had to face anyone with a low post game. Bynum's height, bulk and skill would be too much for him
Bynum is a big time talent, healthy he can dominate any frontline in the league. Now whether he wants to play s a whole different story. ESPN claims that the frontrunners to get him once he clears waivers are Clippers, Knicks and I forgot the third team. I think with Doc and with no definitive go to man on the Clips, Bynum would really excel. If anyone can light a fire under his ass, it would be Doc. That being said, I would love to see him on the Knicks. We would only...
I don't follow the Clips or the west teams that much so I don't really have strong opinions on any team but I do think they would benefit from having a bonafide go to scorer that Paul can play with. I haven't see a lot of Griffin but I do like his game, I just don't think he is at the point in his offensive skillset yet where he can carry a team through a playoff series. And since everyone loves hearing about the Knicks..................... Two last points. Bargnani, whom...
Well, all our questions will be answered over the next 50 games, I just like putting my money where my mouth is rather than coming on here later on and jumping on any bandwagons. I think the Knicks will surprise a lot of people who have not been following them, their record is not a good indication of this team so far but again, the proof will be in the next 50 game pudding.
Yeah, it doesn't say that they have approached the Clippers. I would hope that they are considering the possibilty that Melo does not resign and are thinking of all available options but that is a bit of forward thinking that Knicks management does not typically partake in.Why do you think NY would not present a challange to the Pacers? The only game they have played this season, the Knicks won it but for that "foul" on Paul at the end of the game. The Knicks were also...
If they win the east they are automatically the 4th seed. Indiana they can handle in a playoff series, Miami they have not figured out yet.
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