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I compared him to J.R. Smith previously, although I think J.R has a more evolved offensive game at this point. Everyone says J.R. is a headcase, but the guy plays reckless going to the basket, he brings emotion and excitement to the team and to the fans and, at least in J.R's case, he is a great teammate. As a coach you just have to know how to use them properly.
KC has been in some good movies but I wouldn't call him a very competent actor. He has zero range, he is figuratively the same exact person in every movie he does. He is his generation's Clint Eastwood, but less talented. So in the movies where a "kevin costner" type works, he is great. In movies where he should be someone other than Kevin Costner, they suck.
Yep, plus another actor that goes by the nom de guerre "Blackzilla".
Have you seen the pr0n version of this?
Barkley had the best (derisive) quote about Sprewell back when Sprewell was still with GSW and really had the "I'ma stuff this ball down your phucking mouth" attitude, he said "If Sprewell wasn't a basketball player, he'd be a gangbanger". Sprewell had that Shawn Kemp attitude of it wasn't enough to score, you had to embarass your opponent.People forget how good the T Wolves team that had him, Cassell and Garnett was.And uh Dr. Lawrence, did you ever have Sprewells on...
How I wish we had 1999 Latrell Sprewell on early 1990's Knicks
I meant 50 tweets per entry. If the gods smile upon us. we will have a shorts and pith helmet entry.
This thread will provide Voxsartoria with material for about 50 tweets and the FNB thread about 125 posts.
what do you guys think happens first next season, Morey realizes you won't win a chip with Harden as your main guy, fires McHale for no real reason and the team goes to shit or Harden and Howard begin to hate each other, McHale gets fired, and the team goes to shit?
I'm not a Spurs historian but have they ever really gone after a "star" or signed one, outside of Duncan who they drafted and if you want to go back further, Robinson. I don't recall them ever going after a Melo or Lebron type of player. I don't know Duncan's contract details since he has been with them and I am sure he has had opportunities to go elsewhere for more money but don't the Spurs typically take unwanted/unused veterans from other teams and draft smart and then...
New Posts  All Forums: