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Its a brave new world and I love it. I am currently thinking about what I should consider myself, a Minotaur, Richie Rich etc: "A Civil Rights Leader Has Disguised Herself As Black For Years, Her Parents Say" http://www.buzzfeed.com/claudiakoerner/a-civil-rights-leader-has-disguised-herself-as-black-for-yea#.xwrzkGMKjo
I just came into a bunch of really nice Italian shirting chambray if anyone is interested, shoot me a PM. What's nice about it is that its soft but its not "workwear" finished, its more like a dressy oxford.
Awful of the Native American person to make such an insensitive birdkin comment ("nothing to get your feathers ruffled over"), did they trigger warn it at least in the post, I'm pretty outraged.
The Signature stuff should all be the same measurements and the Heritage is slightly different, its worn higher so has a higher rise and the taper from the knee down is slimmer. Certain things can be adjusted by us on the Signature (waist, inseam, pockets), on the Heritage, pretty much everything can be adjusted to your measurements. Obviously, any pants made to order are not refundable, unless we made a mistake.
Yes, I only carry H&S, Fox, a British mill (Bower Roebuck) that mills for Scabal and is sold under the GRM label and the occasional Zegna. But I'll gladly use any fabric provided, as long as its appropriate for pants.
A Canuker has his own pattern made and orders pants from fabric swatches that I send him. Veni is ordering pants from one of my stock patterns, with a waist/inseam adjustment. He picked the fabric from a Holland and Sherry linen fabric book. The site is ready to wear and what is on there now is what is available but I also do made to order, custom etc.
Not really a herringbone, its a wool/cotton twillVeni's linen's are pretty pimp
No upcharge for MTO's. The only thing that really changes the prices are large swings in the euro. There is also a discount code for the stuff on the site (not MTO) available now, you can PM me for it.
I do that all the time.
Thanks, yes, I had these made on the Frakno, which is their "modern English" last.
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