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sorry to hear that Anyway, I spend most of my time in my underwear now (except when I am asleep).I wrote the following over the last few hours that I was bored. Its long and tedious, so don't read it unless you suffer from insomnia.There are so many aspects and subplots to this whole posting pics/critiquing outifts thing. I don't do much of either anymore for various reasons but neither is really easy to do. Starting with the static pics, there are lots of variances...
Interestingly enough, today's players are so much more deserving of a punch in the face than the players from the previous decade. The whining, flopping, cuddling etc.I wouldn't make any bold proclamations from the first game, I like the bulls lineup but gasol and rose could easily miss half a season (and rose did not look that good yesterday going up against that defensive monster, shane larkin). Knicks are going to surprise people. We are going to take our lumps early...
don't fret, gentlemen in the know substitute a wool sock for a wool ps.
Has anyone seen Voxsartoria I hope he is OK, he is missed.
wool pants with the cord jacket just does not go, regardless if they are flannel. You need cotton/moleskin or make it a suit. Also a pocket square makes no sense to me with that jacket. What shoes are you wearing? If you tell me oxfords in calf I may faint.
Knicks winning 45-47 games this year. Wiz and Toronto overrated, although Wiz are better than Toronto.
"jumper" is by far the worse, whenever I hear an American say that I cringe.
instead of tp, if you can use a white sock, you'll hold a place dear in voxsartoria's heart.TP is more typically used as a tchotcke in a display case on this forum.
Charcoal trousers and a white pocket square would have made that outfit.
H&S 10oz worsted cashmere is about half that price, give or take.
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