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you're just salivating at the thought of fresh livers.
A woman I know had a nuclear stress test a few days ago. The tech tells her she'll have small levels of radiation in her body for 24-36 hours or so after the test, lessening the more time passes. The day after she's on the train and feels like a man is too close to her. Gets off on Penn, is walking and feels the guy close to her and she starts to freak and walk faster. Guy grabs her elbow, she recoils and he says "I'm undercover NYPD, I've got this meter here which is...
yeah, that's their thing.
don't get too chipper, there will probably be an ebola case coming to the NYC subways shortly.
This is also the case for sexual technique.
are you guys living together now or you're not ready for that step yet?
A Fantastic Fear of Everything - If you like Simon Pegg, you'll like this but its not a typical Simon Pegg movie Rage - I thought this was a Nicholas Cage take on Taken but it had a surprising twist.
There is a gentleman on here, member name Manton, that is the foremost authority on cartoon ties, particularly Looney Tuned. I would send him a private message with the pics and details.
The guy just used to post pics, don't think he ever really engaged in any discussions anywhere. I think his SF name is pretty much the same as his real name.
The guy who started this whole thing is a SF member that used to post frequently.
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