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I been known that
I avoid this from happening by simply keeping the stall door open when taking care of business. Turns the tables and makes them uncomfortable when they are leisurely strolling to the stall and wham!
so did that shroom deal go down?
I actually just kopped some donegal tweeds and was debating going with some plains or getting some funky colors and I stuck with the plains:
The Cleveland circle jerk started in earnest after the preseason game against Maccabi (). The sports blogs could barely contain their desire to fap over all things LeBron/Cleveland ("LeBron learned all five positions in the Blatt offense!!!" " Cleveland destroys Maccabi!!!!!"). The East will be a lot stronger this year (barring injury) and better than people think. Chicago is looking good, Miami will be better than expected, Washington/Atlanta have upgraded from last...
Way back when when I was in shape, the missus and I would start around The Cloisters, bike down Riverside Dr. then down the West Side (they did not have that bike path back them), then through downtown until around Stuyvesant high school. You could do the reverse.
Flannels are sold
same as gomestar, about $50.
I would posit that Westbrook is holding back Durant/OKC
there isn't enough money in the new contract to make me want to don that awful wiz/bullets kit.
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