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I think if you look at the guys that last forever (except Dr.J), none of them were really Blake Griffin type, dunk every possession players. The last few years of Jordan's Chicago career he was more a mid range jump shooter than a dunker. Hakeem was never really a dunker, Kareem, Parish etc. All those guys played until they were senior citizens and then you have the Hardaway and Stats of the world, whose whole game was jumping over people, and their bodys just broke...
Not yet. I am getting something special from your neck of the woods shortly
here is the Hedonism, its in that price range, has the flavor profile that you seem to be looking for, its a blend and there is a story behind it so should impress your friends (probably more than an old school single malt)
Or a type of squat that is typically done pantless.
I have similar tastes and just picked up a Macallan Fine Oak 17, initial taste is that I like it better than the 18 and 21. My alcohol monger also told me to try Compass Box Hedonism, have not opened that one yet though.
Heat claimed they had absolutely no interest in him, which kinda makes sense, given Oden. Backup center is the Pacers biggest weakness (and backup 4). While Hibbert is a better defender than Bynum, a healthy Bynum is twice the offensive player Hibbert is. Hibbert is also very "lumbering", if a team turns a series against them into a race up and down the court, or has a big that Hibbert has to come out to the 3 point line to defend, Bynum would become a better option in...
Probably the dunk, I never find it too impressive when a guard does anything to a big, short of dunking over them.
because and underachieving Knicks team is still more interesting than the Suns or Pacers BTW, anyone wondering why teams put up with JR Smiths antics, just take a look at last nights game. When you can do the things he can on a basketball court, crazy or not, there will always be teams wanting him.
I'd pay big money if they can get Lou Reed on the stage to play. Most of those bands are just LOL.
I think this is one of those "6 on one hand, half a dozen in the other" situations. A known commodity should be more valuable than a draft pick, but you've seen situations where a big time, sure thing player went to a team and didn't live up to expectations **coughdwighthowardcough** and obviously we've seen sure thing draft picks be busts. I think every draft, for the most part, has some good players that can make a difference, its a question of the right team drafting...
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