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sorry no tags, just what you see on the selvedge. If authenticity is the issue, any fabric that you buy and take to a tailor or wherever and they claim that it is not real I will gladly take the fabric back and refund your money and pay for the shipping.
Irish grey "donegal" 100% grey linen. About 8-9oz. $60/yd Third from left: Grey "donegal" Irish linen, 9oz., 60inch width. Very interesting fabric, has a very slight blue hue to it, the hand is silky smooth. $60/yd A 92% cotton/8% cashmere cotton from Holland and Sherry and 100% cotton from Zegna. These are suiting quality cottons, gabardine/worsted finish, silky smooth, terrific drape, 8/9oz weight. Hard to accurately describe and picture, but these are the...
that's a wool jacket. I don't really get the cream/dark brown, my goal is the black/grey plaid. hairymatt has one he posted ages ago. I am meeting with a linen guy next week, I'll see what he says about milling something specific.
If you guys like the linen and I can get firm commitments for 12-14 yds, I'll order a roll.
too heavy, too thick.
I know hemp has some enthusiasts here, I have this coming in for a sportcoat or two and won't be using it all if anyone is interested: really, really nice navy hopsack, also bought quite a bit and I will not be using it all if anyone is interested: obviously not for the current season but I always liked off white cords so I snatched this up to offer for the fall: really wanted to get this plaid but its doublesided and too thick I thought, the pattern makes for...
No experience other than them taking my pics without asking for the whiskey cordovan boot.http://www.demarti.eu/winter-herrenschuhe/
A bunch of fabrics for sale: 1. Lumbs Golden Bale medium dark grey twill, 16 micron Super 150's wool. Spring/Summer weight (8-9oz), 4 yards. $500 2. Loro Piana Super 150's and Silk 600 midnight navy with faint blue windowpane. Spring/Summer weight, 8-9oz. Very fine hopsack type weave. Its a 5 yard piece but its two pieces stitched together at the mill, one piece is 2 1/4 yards and the other 2 3/4 yards, so both are sufficient for a sportcoat and the whole piece is...
Down to the last suit length (3.5-4 yards) of the Taylor and Lodge wool/linen
Just put up some medium blue Dormeuil Tonik and a nice gunclub for sale:
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