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Beginning of that game, Dick Vitale says something to the effect of if Princeton wins he'll join the Princeton cheerleading team and wear a tutu. At halftime, the score is like 24-25 and they go to the studio. Vitale is sitting there shocked and his co-host deadpans "Princeton cheerleading team called and asked what size tutu you wear"
That's good to know but I would be very afraid of trading starters for Love. He has zero playoff experience. He has a season on his watch where Minnesota got 16 wins for the season and recent history tells you that players that demand their current teams trade them or let them know they won't sign with them (Howard with Magic, Melo with Denver), well, it hasn't gone so great with them. To me, I put Melo and Love in the same tier. Guys that can score the ball but not...
Yeah and what you lose with Martin vs. Thompson offensively you gain from Love vs. Lee but I just don't think you change a 50+ team win that drastically, particularly when its not really addressing anything. Teams need time to mold, to learn to play together. A new coach, 2 new starters, that's a lot of change. I'd rather give this team at least another year, fill out the bench better, bring in some defense with some small trades. Its like with Houston trying to get...
I think statistically its fair but as you said, not only would it not make them contenders but I would posit that it would make them worse than last season's team. I don't watch GSW much but it doesn't seem that offense is their issue but rather defense so you don't gain anything on that front with Love and you lose defense by going from Thompson to Martin. Then there is the issue of Curry being used to playing (very well) with Thompson and now having to learn to play...
Dear God, please make the Houston Rockets lose their senses and do a sign and trade with NYK (Melo for Parsons/Lin/Asik) or let Bulls lose their senses and do a sign and trade (Gibson/Butler and a pick for Melo). Please God. "Worse" case for the Knicks is they lose Melo and I put worse in quotes because it will actually allow them to see, for the first time since Melo has been here, what the other players can do, play team basketball and who is a part of the future. I...
by who
Eric Glennie would smash this ish.
down to just a few items left so I'll extend it through today for anyone who missed it. Same code, FATHER, to get 20% off.
No permanent coupon, actually rarely do any sales but there is 20% off ties and pants today with code "father". Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.
Just kopped this for a self Fathers Day gift, trying more of that Islay smoke flavor. My guy said this is very good, no longer being made and that I'd enjoy the taste.
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