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BTW, I think those gloves will get "lost in the mail" and never make it to Norway
I don't understand how spectre's two fits are seen as being lukewarm at best and in the same breath, people fawn over awful fits You don't need to see much of spectre's jacket (although thanks to SB for doing the full shots) to recognize the beautifully cut/fit of the shoulder line, the perfect armhole size (not up to his pits), the cut, size and gorge of the lapels, the shaping of the chest. Every thing is in perfect harmony to the man's physical attributes, if you saw...
from yahoo:Mike Ehrmann/Getty ImagesMomentum seems to be building for a blockbuster trade that would send Kevin Love to Cleveland.The Cavaliers are now willing to include No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins in a trade, according to widespread reports. LeBron James even called Love to tell him he wanted to play together.A trio of LeBron, Love, and Kyrie Irving would be a younger, more offensively dynamic version of the Miami Heat's Big-3. But as great as it would be to see Love play...
The Pelicans just got Jimmer'd!!!! I like what the Pelicans have done this offseason with no draft picks. They got Asik, they got Patric Young, not sure how he went undrafted, Jimmer and Russ Smith, who could turn into a solid backup. Add that to Davis, Holliday, Evans, and thats a nice young squad.
funny you mention Melo (Dolan destroyed the Knicks giving away too much talent when he did not need to). I am not saying the same thing will happen to Cleveland, as they'll have Lebron and Irving but honestly, I'm not that impressed with Love in a team concept. He is a stats machine but has never played a playoff game, never made anyone better around him. 2010/2011 Minnesota won 17 games. Melo gets all this shit for being a volume scorer, being selfish, not being a...
Well put me in the camp that thinks getting Boozer is a good deal for the Lakers. Not an earth shattering, but a good locker room presence, a team first guy and a banger. Sometimes those guys are worth a lot more than what the stat sheet shows. Also put me in the camp that thinks that Cleveland will be making a big mistake trading Wiggins, Bennett plus whoever else, for Love. I don't understand this ridiculous desire that teams have for "big 3's". You can't just put a...
That game actually looked good and the blue Bombers uni's are pretty hot. Ocho Cinco even looked good there, I don't understand the touchdown one though, it looks ot be about 20 yards deep
Is this happening in the real world or in your head
Well MJ has more titles as a player right and don't they both have the same number of titles as GM's?
LOL! MJ just became a "billionaire" recently because of the value of the Hornets (every team was reset after the Clippers), I think he owns like 80-85% of the team.
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