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I didn't take it that way and you bring up a valid point. In the thread and the MassDrop site, they are described as I would describe them (madder and challis like) but the titles do say Madder which is misleading. After the ancient thirst fiasco, I want to make sure that people know what they are getting.
@brillopad A poster n another thread brought up a correct point. These are not "ancient madder" ties and shouldn't be sold as such. I described them as madder like and think that is appropriate.
well, I don't know that "ancient madder" and ink jet printing are exclusive (I'm not an expert on the matter). Ancient madder refers the the dyes which are used and the ties are typically printed on a gum twill silk, when screen printed the color go through the silk. There are cheap silks made this way as there are expensive silks made this way (same thing for ink jet). You'll find the likes of Kiton, Borrelli etc use these silks (and alot more that "hide it" by self...
Here is how three of the swatches on offer will look as ties:
A tie or two in a particular fabric is not really possible and I don't have plans on offering these ties again, at least not until fall/winter 2016.
This is a MassDrop deal, I have no say in what gets made or not. Brillopad will have to be the one to tell you whether anything can be added at this point. Since the deal reached the 74.99 price point, I have a few of the blue ties in the Massdrop ad on my site and I just dropped them to 74.99 in sympathy with this offer. But its only a few ties and I have nothing else in any of these swatches.
I ordered a sample Frakno Norweger (9.5 though) in a scotch grain and I forget what kind of welt but leather sole to see how it comes out and it will be one of my fall offerings. Not sure the final order will be in scotch grain though, I like your bison idea.
sorry to hear that. I am assuming the are worn I'll give you an accomodation on next order, Frakno is a bit lower instep than BP (still higher than the english stuff)
Generally, I tell people to take a full size down from their US size. I find that advice works most of the time but there have been instances where 1.5 sizes down was necessary. At the end of the day, the shoes just need to be on your feet to figure out what works for you. Just as an FYI, any shoes that are special ordered, if we don't get your size right, we order the correct one, you are not stuck with a shoe that does not fit. There are exceptions to this exchange...
The ties are lined and untipped. It's a light lining but allows for a nice knot, drape and so the seams of the tie don't show through the fabric. For those of you with similar untipped ties from Kiton etc, it's the same thing. If you are really inquisitive, there is a voxsartoria pictorial thread on unlined/lined multi fold ties somewhere.
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