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Alumo, Testa, Canclini and some taylor and lodge navy wool/linen spring/summer suiting, available for consumption.
last call on the cordovan boots before ebay
A bunch of beautiful fabrics for sale (testa end on end on top, alumo voile on bottom): Taylor and Lodge made in England superfine wool/linen blend in navy. Great spring/summer fabric (8-9oz), a great alternative to Fresco as the finish has a bit more "life" to it.. I have been hard pressed to find a wool/linen blend in navy, this will make great summer suits and sportcoats. $60 a yrd Canclini "London" 120s 2ply shirting. 57-58 inch width (so 2 yds is enough...
As you read this, keep in mind that this is real (I think ) not The Onion: http://nypost.com/2015/12/18/pc-students-at-lena-dunhams-college-offended-by-lack-of-fried-chicken/
Actually I hope it's a net positive for the customers. The challenges are par for the course unfortunately, we'll do a better job next time though. If enough people like what they purchased and say so on MassDrop, we'll probably do another one with either same fabric (can be a wider array of color choices) or different fabrics.
Ties just dropped off with MassDrop.
No, I don't expect to stock these, but if MassDrop wants to do another run, we can do that (price will be a couple dollars higher and new ties on my site will be $119, up $10 from current price.) The two on top are my inventory, black wool and grey/black mini houndstooth wool. Same construction as the MassDrop ties, size is 8.5x147 and since people have been so nice and patient, if anyone is interested in them I'll sell for same price as MassDrop price, just send me a PM.
Ties are tagged, bagged and ready to go (small scale rust not in pic). They will arrive at Massdrop tomorrow.
right now, it looks like they will reach Massdrop on Friday, hopefully. UPS decided to have the ties take the scenic route to NYC and pass through Philly. I'd like to think that they will be headed to NYC overnight and delivered to me tomorrow, but maybe UPS sends them to their Tennessee hub first Philadelphia, PA, United States 12/16/2015 10:51 A.M. Import ScanPhiladelphia, PA, United States 12/15/2015 10:30 A.M. Arrival ScanNewark, NJ, United States 12/15/2015 8:32...
Newark, NJ, United States 12/15/2015 8:32 A.M. Departure Scan 12/15/2015 5:20 A.M. Arrival Scan 12/14/2015 11:36 P.M. The package is awaiting clearing agency review. / Your package was released by the clearing agency. Koeln, Germany 12/15/2015 5:29 A.M. Departure Scan Koeln, Germany 12/14/2015 4:34 P.M. Arrival Scan Nurnberg, Germany 12/14/2015 9:34 A.M. Departure Scan Nurnberg, Germany 12/13/2015 10:42 P.M. Arrival Scan Milano, Italy 12/11/2015 9:15 P.M. Departure...
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