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^ The label on the big blade looks Kate Upton but the print on the small blade looks Kardashian
I've used Five Star and its great, cashmere like feel to the fabric. I also received positive feedback from those that I sold some to (have one length left ).
sounds no different than half the things I've seen Off Broadway. Set up a viewing area and charge admission.
Thank you very much, 3 sold, 3 left.
2yds is typically enough for a solid color assuming you are no bigger than a size US 44, 2.5 yards if a large pattern.$100
That's odd that he would say that, it may be out of stock at the moment. If you PM me the fabric number you want, I can order it for you.
This is an order that was made in the wrong size so my loss, your gain. 4 pairs of the pants are stock 34 and one is a size 35. All new, unworn, unhemmed. The Crispaire and Summer Variety are each $179 (so basically you are paying just for the fabric) and the two cotton pants are $159 each. Size 34 Waist - 34 Front Rise - 10 1/2 Back Rise - 16 Thigh - 13 Knee - 9 1/2 leg opening - 8 1/2 Unhemmed - 36 Wool fabric close ups Crispaire is the H&S version of Fresco, its...
A lot of words that could be simply stated as "I want anal"
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